4.8 5 0 97 97 Trust us, you’ll want to get out of bed for this! From Canada’s #1 scrub brand, this scrub contains 100% naturally sourced exfoliants blended with coconut & coffee extracts. Bring on the energy of the day with pampered, soft skin!
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Review for St. Ive’s
The product is super great on my skin. It makes it feels so soft and the smell is amazing to me.
I love his St. Ives products are not harsh, gentle on the skin. This scrub leaves my face sooo refreshing and feeling well. Skin is clear and with no irritation. Plus smells good. Really affordable . I love it!
It's Okay
I live St.Ives scrubs, I have used them for years. This is a very good scrub but the smell is not the best. There's a lot of coffee smell and not much coconut smell. But I would still recommend!
Smells so good!
Smells so good! First off I love the smell! It works great to exfoliate all the dead skin off and It also makes my skin feel super soft!
Love St. Ives
I love St. Ives products and this scrub is no different. I love the scent and the way it leaves your skin feeling.
I have tried many st Ives scrub this one is the far best because even with the other st Ives scrubs I used to add coconut oil to it. So finally they have come with aa product that I always wanted
I generally gravitate to scrubs as I enjoy exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin cells to feel completely refreshed. This scrub completed the job tremendously. It not only made my skin silky smooth but it also smelled really good. Great buy. Highly recommended.
Gentle scrub
I just used this Stives Scrub gentle smoothing scrub and now it's one of my new favorites! It's very gentle on the skin and makes it smooth. I like how this made my skin feel and cleaned my face. It's supposed to be paraben free, dermatologist tested, oil-free and non - comedogenic and 100% natural
So fresh and so clean!
I love St Ives Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub. Not only does it smell amazing but it works so well. It really leaves your skin exfoliated and feeling extra soft without being harsh. I have it sitting in my shower and use it every other day. My skin is soft and has this amazing glow.
This stuff is amazing!! Makes my skin feel so soft. Thank you for an excellent product!
Skin care at its finest
Loveeeeeee how my skin felt loved the price does the job for an affordable price
Great product
i love how it makes my skin feel after i have used it. It is a great scrub.
So Good...
This is a great facial scrub for the mornings. I like to use it when I wake up because the product really helps wake my skin up too. It sloughs away the old to leave beautiful glowing skin. It isn't abrasive or harsh and leaves skin clean feeling and looking. I can use it daily it's gentle enough but I alternate between scrubs. For the price, it's a steal! Also, if I run out body scrub for the shower this doubles nicely. Definitely recommend trying this scrub.
Invigorating Scrub
I look forward to using this St. Ives Energizing Coconut and Coffee Scrub every few days. I love the scent and how it makes my skin feel smooth and younger afterwards. It's really refreshing.
I love using the scrub! The smell is so good and occasionally I also use it on the rougher parts of my body elbows, ankles, and my feet!

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