St. Ives Glowing Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

4.6 5 0 255 255 St. Ives oil free face moisturizer delivers fast-absorbing hydration that helps restore your skin's natural glow. Scented with lush watermelon, this lightweight facial moisturizer uses 100% natural watermelon juice for a burst of hydration every time you use it. Use this moisturizing face cream morning and night to help restore skin's moisture and help support a healthy-looking glow.
St. Ives Glowing Oil-Free Face Moisturizer


Surprisingly Awesome
It smells great first off! I don't use it just on my face either I use it all over. St Ives is always a safe product to use. I've never had any issues with any of their products and they are reasonably priced.
I love all the products
From this brand I have been using them since my teens
Amazing product especially for my skin type. Nice smell, my skin is glowing, received several compliments. I recommended this product to my friends and family members. 5 star rating
The best!!
This face moisturizer by St. Ives is the absolute best!! Leaves your face feeling brand new, radiant and glowing!! Everything about this product is amazing!! Most definitely recommend!!
No no!!
Worst brand please stop using this brand please. I’m an esthetician and this brand causes so many problems to your skin. It’s garbage full of terrible ingredients.
Smells good
Leave skin smelling good and hydrated this is awsome you will feel like a new person after using this cream it got rid of some dark spots got me feeling good about myself I have recommended already.
Nice and easy to use and I love this product so much
My girls and I love it we would like different varieties
Smells yummy!
This St Ives Watermelon Moisturizer has such an amazing smell to it! I am addicted to lotion and use a tub like this once a week. And for the price this moisturizer is super affordable and keeps my skin really soft and even adds a nice glow!
Does moisturize
This product is a genuinely good product and I use it currently but it doesn’t make me like super crazy or anything. Smells good and it’s very affordable.
Love St. Ives...
I have both used and loved St. Ives products since I was a teenager. This Watermelon Moisturizer i@ no different. Not only does it have a nice Watermelon scent to it, it really does leave my face with a glow, just like it like it says. Also, it'd not like alot of these facial moisturizers that weigh heavy on your skin or cause breakouts....I highly recommend this product.
Love it!
I love this face cream. I used it every day at night. It leaves my face nice and smooth. It also smells great! I would recommend this product.
I currently use daily
I love this moisturizer, it really smells like watermelons and soaks in without all the thick greasey mess. I use it daily after I showered and before bed.
Love St Ives
I love st ives products I'm currently out of this moisturizer right now so I no longer have the container to take a photo of it I love all of there products have only ever used this moisturizer
Soft Skin
I absolutely love this product, at first my skin feels very sticky but I usually wear it through the night so in the morning after washing my face my skin feels really hydrated and very soft. It helps to better apply my makeup.

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