4.8 5 0 31 31 An advanced three-in-one hydrating, lightweight gel that has a hint of translucent, instant bronzer for a streak-free, natural-looking tan.
ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel
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St.Tropez is the best!
I have been using St.tropez sunless tanner for about 6 months now and i absolutely love it! It stays on for about 5 -7 days. There is no harsh smell and goes on very even. I love the perfect bronze it gives you. I would recommend this product to everyone who wants that gorgeous beach look tan!
Best self tanner I've EVER used!!!
I was super worried about using a self tanner for obvious reasons.. I thought I'd turn orange, have some sort of weird reaction, or not look tan at all.. After using this tho WOW!! I'm beyond happy & extremely impressed with the results. I look like I've been on vacation at the beach, it looks 100% natural!!
Tanning oil
Works amazing , love the smell and color it leaves when I’m done tanning !!
Love, love, love this instant bronzer for your body. It's easy to apply and goes on smoothly and easily
Love the color, wish it lasted longer
Its overall one of the best tanners on the market. However it's still not as good as my favorite. Because of how quickly it fades away. Also it could smell better
Perfect to use before a formal vacation, or just because there wasnt a huge smell, and the color setting in happened so fast .... The application time was fast, dry time was fast never smudged
BEST tanning product ever! Ive tried dozens and this one is the perfect color with zero streaks !
self tanning
My sister uses this product. she says it is wonderful. Gives just the right amount of tan and never streaks.
Love it!
I used to go to tanning beds or lay out in the sun to try and get that tanned look because I hadn’t ever found a bronzer that really worked for me, but I knew it was damaging my skin. I decided to try out this bronzer and wow, completely changed my outlook. I’m now an avid buyer and don’t think i’ll ever step into a tanning salon again. It’s so easy to use and it gives you the perfect tanned results!
Amazing results
I've tried a couple different St. Tropez products, and this is by far my favorite. It's less messy compared to other products (it dries quickly so you're not sitting around in the bathroom for hours), looks natural, and isn't too streaky. I slept in it overnight before rinsing. It isn't too dark and looks very natural. Love the smell too.
Sun kissed
This stuff is magical! I swear I looked like I snuck away on a tropical vacation overnight😂 it’s lasting and the color is natural enough that it doesn’t look fake but still a dark tan. I went from pasty to tasty real quick! Thank you!
Nice glow
Easy to use nice tan lasts about a week with daily showers
Smells good
Very happy with this product Smells wonderful Leaves no streaks with the gel application you have control of how much to put on
Provides an excellent natural-looking tan that lasts for days
Nice smell, easy application!
This tanning gel smells amazing! It is easy to apply and has great coverage. I highly recommend this!

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