4.7 5 0 159 159 An advanced three-in-one hydrating, lightweight gel that has a hint of translucent, instant bronzer for a streak-free, natural-looking tan.
ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Express Bronzing Gel
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Best self tanner
I have used almost every self tanner on the market and this one by far is the most natural looking. Its a little more pricey than other popular brands but its well worth the money
Good Product
I’ve used this product over a year now and I really like it. Smells good and long lasting. Four stars because it not as easy to apply as a foam tanner.
Best self tanner ever
I love St. Tropez self tanners, and the gel is amazing! Smells good, doesn’t streak, and definitely no orange “tan”. I always use the mitt, then buff with the buffing mit.
My Go-To Self Tanner!
I love this product so much. It never streaks and doesn’t smell terrible. I love how it goes on smooth and looks natural. There is no orange hue at all. I would suggest using a tanning mitt for even application though!
Love this product
This product was amazing. I recommend it to Anyone!
High quality tanner
It’s not sticky, doesn’t turn out orange and has a pleasant smell. Created an even blended tan without streaks. It’s has a high quality to it
At teopez
I love it! Very easy to use doesn’t smell like other products!
Best self tanner
This is the best self-tanner that I have ever used. It leaves your skin looking flawlessly bronzed. It also hydrates your skin so it doesn't feel dry. It has a nice scent. I would definitely recommend saint Tropez self-tanner to anyone.
Awesome self tanner
This self tanner is actually pretty good. It doesn’t leave you’re skin looking orange like most do. It actually makes it look like you have a natural tan. I’d totally recommend this to any one that likes to have a tan all year round.
Gel para mi
Llevo muchos años usando este producto para mis hijos y a ellos les encanta no están felices si no Es este gel
Easy to apply
I liked this product. It was very easy to use and went on well. I liked that I didn't turn the orange color that some of these types of products make you. I wish it made you look darker. I even used on my face
really good the quality is good and works perfect with a balance tone cover not too orange very natural tanning. and its easy to apply and its not greasy or sticky on skin, also the fragance its really nice
Love this stuff
My mother actually started using this and I could not believed how good it looked on her so I had to purchase it myself. It is very easy to use and the color is amazing (not orange like other products). I absolutely love this product!
My Go Tan In A Bottle
This Is My Absolute Favorite And My Best Sunless Tanning Product In The World. I've Tried Many probably to many over the years, And Not One Of Them Has Even Came Close To Giving Me That Tan We All Love And Want. I Recieve So Many Wonderful COMPLIMENTS When I'm Glowing With St Tropez, All My Family And Friends And Even My Coworkers Thought I Was Hitting The Tanning Beds. I Fooled Them, This Is The Only Sunless Tanning Product I Use NOW, I Don't Try Tons Of Them Anymore, I Stuck To My St. TROPEZ, Because I Know I Will Get The Results I'm Looking For. I Highly Recommend This Product.
Very nice tan
I love this bronzer. It was an affordable price point and the packaging was very nicely done. It went on smoothly and evenly for my medium skin tone. It gave me the most beautiful bronze tan ever. I looked absolutely amazing for the winter time haha!!!

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