Stacy’s Cheese Petites

4.1 5 0 140 140 Bite-sized cheese snacks with real cheese baked inside.
Stacy’s Cheese Petites


Love I love the taste of it it's very good really good tasty I buy them a lot
Tasty but pricey
There are a number of others that taste similar but cost less. I was a little disappointed that they weren't better or more in the bag. My husband didn't care for the "hardness" of them, but I eat moon cheese so the crispy part didn't bother me. I won't purchase again just because of the price.
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. This is a great product to have and extremely useful and innovative.
I looove these little cheese bites! Parmesan and rosemary are so good together! Perfect for a cheese tray!
These are delicious! I love the parmesan and rosemary flavor! 100 % recommend.
Great Snack
Very smart snack. Small, very flavorful and packed with protein. I absolutely love cheese petites!
Great snacking or salad topping
We eat a lot of salads. That's why I originally got these. They're great to sprinkle a few crunched up instead of croutons. My kids like to eat them like chips.
Great snacking the go
I love the bite size cheese snack,and so does my children,and I really like the fact you can take them on the go, a nice fulfilling pick-me-up up. Highly recommend
Puppy love
Our puppies love these snacks and chew on them for long time... great for adult dogs too. Highly recommend this product
I really enjoy the Stacy’s Cheese Petites. They are little but packed with flavor. It is very hard to not eat the whole bag in one sitting. I like to put these our for guests. They look and taste more expensive than what they are.
Stacy’s Cheese Petites are awesome. Was perfect for tacos
Great taste
I love these cheese crisps they taste so good and they're a healthy alternative to chips the only thing is they are a little expensive
great snack
love these crackers, I am always tempted to eat the whole bag.
Great Snack
These cheese petites are a wonderful snack! Seriously, it's tempting to eat them all in one sitting. They are so so good. The only downside is that they are a little expensive considering how much is in one bag, but whenever you've got a little extra money to spend on groceries for the week it's totally worth it!
Great snack
I came across these in the bakery section at my grocery store. They were kind of expensive for me, but I decided to try them out anyway. I’m addicted! I really enjoy the flavor and texture. I just wish I didn’t go through the bag so fast.

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