Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle

4.9 5 0 119 119 ​Fully embrace the cuteness of the 50-year-old Yoda species with this adorable 11-inch plush toy. He may look like a baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as the Child. Inspired by Lucasfilm live-action series, The Mandalorian, this sweet Star Wars plush toy comes with a satchel like the one it's carried in during Season 2. Toy has precious little feet that it can stand on, and its arms, legs and even ears are posable! And with just a squeeze of its hand, this character makes sounds recognizable from the show! This is a delightful gift set for any fan of The Mandalorian and the Star Wars galaxy. Colors and decorations may vary.
Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle


Love Star Wars!
My son loves this toy! It comes with a messenger bag that he fits perfectly in. His head is hard silicone material, hands and body are plush, the feet are plush with metal feet bottoms and you can bend his little legs so he can stand. Grogu makes like real baby noises so hearing it is actually kinda creepy. Where my son goes, he goes too!
My daughter is obsessed with baby yoda. We found this gem while Christmas shopping and we just had to get it for her. She loves it when she opened Christmas morning. One of her fave plush toys.
Product Review
This star wars character is great for indoor and outdoor playing and it seems to be enjoyed by multiple age groups. It comes with a pack to store the character making it easy to carry around anywhere while doing anything.
my son loves yoda! such a cute toy to have around. it feels nice to see him happy. the product is light weight and can be taken anywhere. no improvements made. yes i would recommend.
Super cute
I got this for my son for Christmas and he loves his baby yoda. Looks just like baby yoda in the movie i recommend as a gift for a child
Great toy
My daughter got this as a birthday gift.. she loves play with it.. she even likes taking it everywhere we go.. This Hass to be her favorite toy
Wonderful Yoda
I would love to actually own this i was able to play around with with my kids at a friend's house
My Child Wanted, He Got It
All I can say is that we are going on over a year of having this toy. It’s still a number one toy in our house. He sleeps with it. He travels with it. He treats it like a member of the family. Enough said.
My daughter got this for Christmas. It is super cute, makes cute noises but doesn't do much else. The bag doesn't really hold him so they child can wear it.
It's so cute!
I just love The Child. This is one of the many products that I just can't get enough of. I love how you can carry The Child like The Mandalorian did on the show when he was riding his vehicle.
Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle
Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Premium Plush Bundle Is a good toy for any young child who absolutely loves the Mandalorian. I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who would get enjoyment out of it.
super cute
Who doesn't love Yoda? This is super cute and everyone loves it. It's soft and love that it comes with it's own satchel. Anyone that loves Yoda or Star Wars will love this
My daughter is so happy
I hot this yoda toy for my daughter and she loved it so much sleeps with it, this is her favorite toy yoda is so cute she treats it as her pretend baby she loves playing with it
Cute little guy
This thing is so adorable and cute but scared the bejeezus outta me one day I had no idea it made noise I was picking my kids stuff up and this little guy started making noises at me turns out there was a button in his had that triggers it to talk I thought I was crazy!! Hahaha! My kids love this guy we have 4 of them
So cute
This baby yoda is so cute. Everyone who sees it wants to play with it and hold it. If you have an star wars fans, this is a must.

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