Stouffer's Family Size Chicken Enchiladas

4 5 0 89 89 Shredded white meat chicken and vegetables wrapped in hand-rolled corn tortilla over rice and topped with real cheese and spicy cream sauce.
Stouffer's Family Size Chicken Enchiladas


We bought this as an easy, no mess in the kitchen meal. We sat down to eat and after the first bite we all looked at each other and were actually disappointed! How this passes for even being called Enchiladas is insulting!
Pleasantly surprised
I've always thought of Stouffers as a go to for lasagna but thought these looked delicious. My family and I loved them. I recommend them to everybody.
The best
Whenever I do t feel like cooking I buy the chicken enchiladas they taste so good and the whole family really loves it
Mom's night off
I love Stouffers Family Size Chicken Enchilladas for those nights when I just dont feel like spending hours cooking food I know my kids are just going to complain about and not eat! LOL So its nice to be able to just throw this in there and not have to put in too much effort. I love it and my husband and kids love it too so its a major win! Delicious !!!
Love this. We actually like this better than the lasagna! Tastes so good and so simple to make. Just pop it in the oven and wait until it's done! I would totally recommend this.
I loved the taste
I loved the taste very good im very picky with my food and the enchilada was really good very cheesy and a lot of sauce. The problem i had with this is its not enough food for my family
Nice product
Its ok for being a prepackaged frozen item but really not much flavor unless you add your own too it which is quite easy to do. Great price and easy to follow instructions. All 3 kids liked them as well.
Enchiladas are my favorites and i always have some in my freezer. I had stouffer's tried for Pasts etc but Mexican food first time. I really liked the taste better than other known brands. Cheese and meat is real and make it really very yummy!
Stouffer's Family Size Chicken Enchiladas. These are really good with great flavor
Easy Dinner Night
These have a good flavor. They are not like the "real thing" but they are very good. Stouffer's is great for when you just don't want to cook but still want something good. Your whole dinner comes right out of this tray. No complaints here.
Easy meal
Its good for an easy meal but the edges get too crispy most of the time
So easy, so yummy.
I always make sure to have Stouffer’s frozen dinners on hand and this is one of my family’s favorite. I simply toss it in the oven, and abracadabra....yada, yada, yada, BAM! - it’s ready to eat! (see, I told you it was so easy😉) And just as everyone loves Stouffer’s Lasagna - you can bet the bank you’ll love this too.
Its ok
these are good when its been a long day and the last thing on your mind is cooking.
tastes good
Tastes good but not like authentic enchiladas. Very easy and convenient for when you don't feel like cooking. It's great for the entire family.
Really good
I’m not big on frozen food but this one is surprising good. It packs a ton of flavor and even come with rice for a side dish.

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