Suave Kids Paw Patrol 3-in-1 Shampoo

4.7 5 0 1258 1258 Turn bath time into a real adventure with Paw Patrol 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for kids. That gently cleans leaving skin soft and smooth, never dry
Suave Kids Paw Patrol 3-in-1 Shampoo


Kids favorite
My kids love using this 3-1 soap. It does not hurt their eyes. No strong scent. They go thru it pretty quick because they like to also use it to make bubbles but since it’s pretty affordable it’s okay.
Great kids body soap and shampoo
This product does the job and the kids love the paw patrol theme. No issues with it at all.
Kids 3 in 1
Absolutely love it and would definitely recommend it to other people and parents as well also has an amazing price. No improvement my kids love it
Smells good
We bought this just because my son is currently obsessed with paw patrol. He is mixed and I tried it on his hair once, we dont do that anymore. It made his hair feel nappy. I will still use it as body wash so we dont waste it but probably wont buy again.
Sauve is the worst...
Sauve is one of the worst brands to use due to all of the chemicals that are in their products. I had a friend buy the Frozen version of this wash for my toddler and I immediately let them know how toxic it was and she was more than willing to return it. There are many clean/vegan options nowadays that are just as affordable as these cheaper brands but way better for your kids!
Waste of money
I purchased this to try on my 5 kids. The bottle is super appealing, smells appealing to kids for sure. It does not create actual suds, does not clean ur child and its FILLED with chemicals. I threw it out after a few attempts with my kids. I would not recommend this to any parent. The only brand I will ever use is "Savvy Fit Soap".
No Tears here
Great for the kiddo's. I love how the kids can use this & feel independent without the worry of cries b/c they accidently got some in there eye! I would definitely suggest that all parents have this
Super Bubbly
My kids really enjoyed their bath time when I bought this body wash. They had a wonderful time playing with the bubbles and this product really does have a great smell.
Fun bath time
My son loves to pick out his own character shampoo. It makes showering less of a chore and more fun for him. Although the product smells nice, it doesn’t leave a residual scent on his hair or body. So he doesn’t smell good, but doesn’t smell bad either.
Make bath time easy and fun
If you don't have children with sensitive skin, I would definitely give this product a try. I tried this on my child who has sensitive skin and it wasn't for her, but I have also used it on my other daughter who doesn't have sensitive skin and we both loved it. This product takes the fights out of bath time and gives your littles more time play without the fuss.
My kids loved it. Would definitely buy it again
We weren't too fond of the scent, it didn't last very long and it wasn't very moisturizing.
Great for kiddo's
I have been blessed with three grandsons. One of them is at my home every weekend and usually during the week. The boys range from 7 months to 4 years. I love that this is tear free and the Paw Patrol encorages the 2 and 4 year olds to wash their hair. That can be a trick with kiddo's who do not want water running down their face. So this is a win in my household. The only draw back is the Paw Patrol in particular you get less ounces than the non branded formula which is exactly the same.
Great Smell, Kids Love
Nice 3 in 1 wash for kids. My 5 year old son loves Paw Patrol so bringing this home made his day. It lathers very well and has a nice scent. Even better my son has extremely sensitive skin and this body wash is perfect for him.
My son loves this!
I absolutely love this! My son gets so excited to see Paw Patrol on the bottle it makes me happy to take a bathbath and get clean! 10/10

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