4.7 5 0 60 60 Turn bath time into a real adventure with Paw Patrol 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for kids. That gently cleans leaving skin soft and smooth, never dry
Suave Kids Paw Patrol 3-in-1 Shampoo
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Suave kids shampoo & conditioner
My youngest daughter uses this, and uses it as a body wash as well. She likes the different scents
Scrub a bub bub, bubble!
Suave has been a household prior to me having children. This all in one Shampoo, conditioner , and body wash is safe and effective. It provides a great cleaning without harsh chemicals therefore no need to worry about it getting in the eyes. This makes Bath time fun as it creates lots of bubbles and entertainment for the little ones. I recommend this product to the caregivers, mommies and daddies, grandparents, or whomever over the little ones and bath time.
Great for kids
My kids love it. And you only have to have one bottle for bathtime cleaning.
Suave Kids Friend Fun
My children call Suave Kids their bath time "Friend" & enjoy the pleasant scent. Nice for fun bath time refreshing clean with a fear free because no worries over getting in children's sensitive eyes!
Paw patrol
The grandkids love it. It makes bathtime more fun.
Love it
Love it ... Its amazing for my kids specially sense it actually is tear free which is the best part of it
Love it!
My daughter loves this shampoo.She always use it.I recommed it
excellent product quality, mild price and very rich aroma
Happy change
Was not a sauce fan at all. So I pick up at a drug store. Now I want more and I recommend this to anyone.
Economical, great smelling kids shampoo
For younger children this is perfect. It cleans well, smells so good, and my girls love it. Added bonus it is a tear free product that actually is tear free.
This is my kids first pick outta shampoos idk we was getting it way before paw patrol was placed on there but it SMELLS AMAZING IT LAST A GOOD MIN, it’s priced so reasonable!! Kids love this stuff HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Let's get clean
My grandchildren enjoy bath time, especially when we use this product. It's very easy lather also the smell isn't too strong. It's very affordable. You can easily find it at Wal-Mart or at target.
Clean kids
Works good and smells great. My grandkids love it.
Kids love it
This product works very well as a general wash for my kids. Easy and pleasant to use, and left their skin and hair soft and clean, with a great scent. Would absolutely recommend.
Hair is messy after never use this never ever ever cause it’s bad 3 in 1 are all bad

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