Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening

4.6 5 0 167 167 New Suave Limited Edition Spring Awakening body wash is made with fun, fresh scents that will leave your skin feeling clean and soft, and smelling great.
Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening


I enjoyed this in the shower, great smell and affordable. I enjoy this brand and this product was meeting my expectations. I would recommend it and it's a huge treasure since it last months in the restroom.
Queda la piel muy suave y tersa y el aroma muy delicioso
Me encantan los productos suave en todos sus modelos
Lo usu con frecuencia
Me encanta este gel buena textura Rico su olor y buena espima
Great product
I love the scent and it leaves me feeling completely refreshed after a shower. The price was unbeatable for the cleaniness that I had after using. I would definately recommend this to my friends and family.
Luv Suave Body Wash
Love the product; great smell; no residue; all of the body washes are great! Love the variety; I usually don't like products with fragrance as they tend to be super strong; but not Suave- just right!
very refreshing
lathers great smells fabulous and is very affordable
Not too impressed
It just didnt leave me with the soft skin feeling liked I hoped it would. ALthough cheaper then most products Id pay more for something that worked better
Smells fresh
I have used Suave's Tropical Coconut for a long time. I tried this when my scent was sold out. This was a nice change, it has a really pleasant fresh scent.
Amazing product
I think this product should use it everyone because it smells really good
Great price and smell body wash
This stuff smells awesome! I feel like it makes me think of Bali or Hawaii or some tropical place after the rain. Also, it was super affordable! Win-Win!
Price is worth it
This is definitely worth the price. It’s inexpensive and does the job.
Great Scent
Suave is the bomb!! This scent is pure Spring I love it!! Washes away clean and fresh.
Great product and price
The scent is spectacular! I fell in love with it. Infused with bamboo extract, aloe, and Vitamin E It left my skin feeling soft and smooth all day long. If you are looking for a body soap that leaves you feeling clean and has a rich spring floral scent that lasts all day long.
Smells so amazing!
First off, I am a huge lover of Suave products. I have yet to be let down. I absolutely love Suave Limited Edition Body Wash Spring Awakening! It smells so amazing. Since it is a limited edition one and I didn't know when they were going to take it off the shelves, I bought three. Try it! Especially if you like Suave body washes, you won't be disappointed.

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