4.5 5 0 297 297 Suave Men Citrus Rush 3-in-1 has a triple-action formula with shampoo, conditioner and bodywash all in one.
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Men's body wash.
My husband and son liked this product really well. I really liked the smell.
Me encanta
Mi esposo lo usa se lo compro me encanta en el sentido que le deja un olor muy rico en su piel el siempre huele tan bien no necesita mejoras está perfecto si lo recomiendo mucho
I bought this on sale and thought I'd let my son try it. If he didn't like nbd right? Well, this is now his favorite! He loves the fact that he doesn't have a lot of different products cluttering up our 1 shower and that hes the only one using ut. He loves the smell and it doesn't break him out.
This is a great product doesn't leave my skin feeling dry an the bottle is huge so you will keep it for weeks it saves you money
Good as a body wash
I wouldn't use this to wash my hair but it's a decent body wash. It's heavily fragranced so if you're sensitive to smells I'd pass on this. It lathers well and rinses clean. No residue. I feel like it's a bit drying so I would only use this in the cooler months
Muy bueno
Mi esposo usa ese champú desde que éramos novios. Hace 6 años y no lo cambia por nada. Le encanta
Very good quality Easy to wash Good fragrance Very recommended
I bought this for my husband. He was hesitant at first because of the "girly" colors. When he tried it he said the smell wasn't too overwhelming and he liked it. He still likes the "Sport" kind better but we liked the citrus kind also.
Mi esposo lo usa diario, le encanta como deja su piel suave y con rico olor a frescura
Great clean!
My boyfriend uses this all the time and I love the smell! It's 3-in-1, so it's the best value for the affordable price. He never likes to spend a ton of time in the shower, and this gets him in and out so fast! Suave products always amaze me at how cheap they're priced, but they never skimp on quality. I've even tried this when I ran out of my usual body wash and it worked well for me too.
My guys love this stuff!
It smells amazing and works well. I have actually tried it myself when I ran out of Olay.
Smells wonderful!
My son's use this now on a regular basis. It smells so good and lathers great. It rinses out great too.
husband & kids like it
My husband and son use this all the time... even one of my daughters likes to wash her hair with it
Bought for my boys. they didn't mind it sais it smelled good but it was drying for their skin
De lo mejor
Tengo 4 hombres viviendo en casa, mi esposo , un hijo adolesente y 2 niños, era complicado satisfacer las necesidades de los 4 para la hora del baño , hasta que encontre este producto , a los 4 les a encantado y yo feliz

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