4.5 5 0 299 299 Suave Men Citrus Rush 3-in-1 has a triple-action formula with shampoo, conditioner and bodywash all in one.
Suave Men Citrus Rush 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash
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Great shampoo
I like to use suave shampoo. This particular shampoo has a lovely scent and it cleanses my hair and scalp very well. You can feel the clean while it’s cleaning. I would highly recommend the shampoo.
Suave 3-1
Excelente producto, aroma refrescante, no reseca la piel.
Lo compre a principios de mes para mi esposo, baño a mis niños le deja a ellos el cabello suave y su piel. Tiene un olor q les encanta.como hidrata la piel y le brinda a su cabello un brillo excelente.
Suave Men Citrus Rush 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash
This product is great for during the week when I have to get up, jump in the shower and run to the train station for the 6:59 AM train to the city.
Nice smell
Liked the smell of this. I stunk and now i dont. The one i have is travel sized so I’ll bring it on vacation with me.
Amazing smell
Great product! My husband love using it and I love the smell. It doesn’t leave the skin dry like other 3 in 1 products.
Es muy bueno
El olor es muy rico y deja muy suave el cabello lo uso frecuentemente
Smells Good- Doesn't Condition Well
This is what I buy for my 9 year old to use. It gets him clean and smells great. He approves and likes the smell too. The only thing it falls short on is the conditioning part. It just doesn't quite leave his hair soft. We supplement with some of my conditioner once a week.
Love it
My boys love it don't use anything else they love how clean and fresh it makes them feel
Great 3-in 1 product
I bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutely enjoyed it.He never expresses his opinion on shower stuff,he just uses what I buy for him,and I bought it because it smelled so good.He came out of the shower telling me how easy it was to be able to wash his body and shampoo and condition his hair all in one motion,not having to use 3 different products and have them all cluttering up the shower! His hair and body smelled so awesome I couldnt stop smelling him,he finally had to ask me to please stop sniffing him!! Lol I highly recommend this product!!
It softened my hair
I'm used to using conditioner after using these but i didn't need it with this.
Great for men
This is a great product for men who want to be clean and smell fresh but would rather not fool with having to use a number of different products. Also, saves on space in the shower since it's just 1 bottle instead of 3
My boyfriend really liked this product. He ended up switching to it completely. Loves the price, the smell, the texture of it. Wouldn't change a thing and he definitely told his buddies about it!
My boys' go to all in one
This is my boys' go to all in one shower product. They love the simplicity of having to only use one product for everything. The scents are always pleasant also. I would recommenced this product all the way!
Suave Men Citrus Rush 3 In 1
When it comes to convenience, there's nothing simpler than a 3 In 1 produce like Suave's Citrus Rush 3 In 1. It combines a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a single product saving me money, in that I don't have to purchase each product individually, and time, in that it combines everything I need in one product. I also found that the scent is very appealing to me. It's definitely a product that I would highly recommend and that's why I gave it five stars.

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