4.5 5 0 323 323 Suave Men Citrus Rush 3-in-1 has a triple-action formula with shampoo, conditioner and bodywash all in one.
Suave Men Citrus Rush 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash
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I use my bf's sometimes because I like the smell!
It's an overall decent shampoo/bodywash for Men. I received a tiny sample bottle so my bf and I tried it. He said, it gets the job done quick and efficient and he likes the smell. I tried it as well and I really like the smell! It's fresh and pleasant but not overpowering like some men's bodywash. I find them to smell too much like cologne. As a shampoo it's ok but, my heat damaged hair needs a better quality shampoo! But I sometimes use it for bodywash because I like the smell! We have since bought 2 full sized bottles!
I always buy it for my husband, it is one of his favorites and it also leaves a scent in his hair and what we like the most is that its scent is so long-lasting and his hair shines and does not fall
Like washing yourself with dishsoap
I dont understand the glowing reviews. This is a super-mediocre body wash....like dollar store level. It doesn't smell great, and isn't particularly citrusy to be blunt----more like a generic scent that I would expect from a cheap dishsoap. Does it clean dirt and oil? Yeah...pretty much like a million other body washes on the market. There is absolutely nothing that sets this product apart, and I would definitely not repurchase this.
Huele riquisimo lo puede usar tanto hombres como mujeres dega el cabello super suave
Nice, fresh fragrance that gets the job done. Perfect for all ages with short hair. If you have hair on the longer or thicker side, I do recommend using an additional conditioner. Inexpensive, over satisfied
Great all in one!
I have repeatedly bought this for my husband and my sons to use. It is fast and efficient, they love that they can use this 1 product. I love how it smells so we are all happy.
Smells great!
This was great for my boyfriend. It smells amazing and with it being 3 in one he is in and out of the shower fast, which he likes. I also would use it in a pinch. I recommend using this product!
Hubby love it
We received this product as a free sample and at the end of the Hubby said we had to buy one super fast. The scent it leaves on your hair is excellent and all that smell on your hair lasts for a long time. good consistency and softness in the hair. It really is a very good product
Lo mejor
Este mi shampoo favorito. Tengo años usando sus productos y este me fascinó olor, suavidad y brillo que aporta a mi cabello
Love the citrus set in this body wash and shampoo. I've always use suave 4 shampoo and conditioner and body wash top it all off. I love trying different body wash indifferent scents overall grade product.
Great shampoo
I like to use suave shampoo. This particular shampoo has a lovely scent and it cleanses my hair and scalp very well. You can feel the clean while it’s cleaning. I would highly recommend the shampoo.
Suave 3-1
Excelente producto, aroma refrescante, no reseca la piel.
Lo compre a principios de mes para mi esposo, baño a mis niños le deja a ellos el cabello suave y su piel. Tiene un olor q les encanta.como hidrata la piel y le brinda a su cabello un brillo excelente.
Suave Men Citrus Rush 3 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner Body Wash
This product is great for during the week when I have to get up, jump in the shower and run to the train station for the 6:59 AM train to the city.
Nice smell
Liked the smell of this. I stunk and now i dont. The one i have is travel sized so I’ll bring it on vacation with me.

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