4.6 5 0 162 162 Suave Professionals Men Ocean Charge 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner has an advanced formula cleans and conditions all in one step.
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Honey Bunny LOVES
My boyfriend and I absolutely love this product! I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I first used it staying over at his house and it works well on my hair and I like that it's 2 in 1. The smell is great and manly, it lathers well and is easy.
Tried and failed.
This was one of those products where we thought it was going to exceed our expectations. But it failed, miserably. It dried my husband out horribly!! The first few washes were decent. After maybe the 5th wash or so, I noticed my husband itching his head, which he never does much of. The scent is wonderful, but it is very drying. Definitely not enough conditioning properties in this product for men. We had to add in a conditioner on top of this.
Good and affordable!
I love Suave products, the hair is so much softer, moisturized,
Clean & Ready
I have tried this product several times and I feel clean and ready every morning know and trusting that my shampoo works with my hair all day every day. I would recommend this shampoo to every man that wants true cleaniess
My fiancee only uses this and the 3 in 1. It doesn't leave his skin dry and it has a fragrance that stays with him for a while. He loves it and wouldn't have it any other brand.
Only thing my boys will use,
And I rather like it as well. Not just for the men!
This feels and cleans like a fancy expensive brand of body wash but it’s actually super reasonably priced! It’s always on hand in my shower. Two thumbs up!
Smell is amazing
I really like it because its so easy for my grandkids. All I need to buy is 1 bottle.. It keeps the tub surroundings less cluttered and the smell is awesome for their sweaty bodys. I would recommend to all and the price is fair.
Not I but my husband
My husband saw this and thought it would be a good idea to use, after the first few times it worked really well and he seemed to like it. As he continued to use it though, it dried out his scalp. Not sure if he didnt use it enough, or maybe he used it too much. He switched to separate shampoos and conditioners and that seemed to help. I've also tried it once and it left my hair very dry.
Suave Professionals Men Ocean Charge 2-in-1 Shampoo
In general the concept of a 2-in-1, as in this product's case, or a 3-in-1 is very appealing to me because it provides the same purpose of multiple products in a single product. As for this product specifically, I thought it did a great job both cleaning and conditioning my hair, leaving it soft after each use. I also really enjoyed the Ocean Charge scent, finding it to be both bold and energizing.
It works great
This is the only soap I use and it works great and is a lot better than the competitors
It's a good for the price. I highly recommend it. My husband uses it daily.
I purchased this and it leaves hair soft and feeling clean and smelling nice.
Almost Perfect
This is a great product and I am very pleased with it. The only thing that wasn't perfect was that it left my hair feeling a little oily for my taste. But I do have oily have so it's not very often that I find a product that leaves my hair just like I want it.
My husband uses suave 2in1 shampoo the smell is great it lasts it lathers well. And it does not leave hair feeling oily or dry great product overall

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