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Suave Visible Glow™
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Meh Not for Me
I did not receive this as part of a free product trial. When I bought this on Amazon, I was trying to get a little glow and was disappointed when I ended up with a lot of orange streaks and orange hands despite washing my hands twice after using it. It doesn't make sense as it states it should have been subtle?
Good glow
This provides ypu with a very nice instant glow to your skin in just minutes of applying. Your skin feels very smooth and no streaks left behind. The only bad thing is a slight odor to the formula but other than that i definitely would recommend this preoduct. Its very nice packaging as well.
Doesn't leave you looking orange, and only has a slight odor, not like some of the others. Works good.
I have used this product and found it to be safe and easy to use and it does make your skin glow
I love this product. It works much better than its competitors at keeping a tan and it moisturizes much better. A definite plus is that it is cheaper. Would definitely recommend this to everyone.
i have tried this but it only adds just a tint of color darker not much used for over a month but nothing really dramatic to tell about you couldnt hardly notice a difference .
This has a very,very strong odor to it!! If you can get by that it works great not leaving you an orange color but beautiful bronze.
Love the way this tans my skin, It gives a nice healthy glow without looking orange. the downside is it does not smell very good
I love this product. It works perfectly I put it on after my bath and a while later I look like I've been in the sun. I'm a fair skinned redhead. I always burn. Now I don't have too. BEST PRODUCT EVER!!
Did not care for this product. Had a really strong odor & I could not tolerate the smell. All self tanning items have the "smell", but this was overpowering. I don't know if it provides color because I couldn't use it.
I use this between my trips to the beach to keep my tan looking fresh it provides a little bit of color not too much and the lotion feels nice
I'd like to try it please Thank you for letting me join
I want to try this, I'm a single mom so I don't get to lay out in the sun so I could use some color 😊.
Is the odor that strong on this tanner. How long does it take before u can actually see a difference in color.
I would like to try this product as I like to have a little tan and keep my legs moisturized. Especially if you can do this at a lower price.

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