Super Stay® Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup

4.2 5 0 179 179 Get a full-coverage look that lasts up to 16 hours with Super Stay® Powder Foundation.
Super Stay® Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup


This stuff does work really well at setting my foundation it seems to make it stay put longer!
Wears off quickly.
I am not a huge liquid foundation fan. So I tried this powder foundation. #1 the color wears off quickly and #2 the color is too orange for me.
Good coverage
Lasts, provides great coverage and color matching. Love that its not cakey. Also love that it doesn't set in my fine lines. Defiantly something I keep handy.
Great for on the go
I like to use this to set my makeup throughout the day. It offers more coverage if I use a sponge to apply, but when I want a lighter application I use a brush.
Super stay
I really like This powder foundation I am not typically a powder lover as I feel it doesn’t give good coverage. This however did it covered nicely without looking powdering on skin.
Great powder foundation
I’ve always worn powder foundation, even as a teen when I first discovered makeup and was playing around with different types. I never liked liquid or cream foundations, I didn’t like how they felt on my skin and I definitely wanted a more natural look. I used for years until I got older and wanted something that offered a bit more coverage and had skin benefits. That’s when I discovered which I love. However, I was toward the end of the powder and it started breaking so I decided to go to and buy a powder to use until I could go to Ulta. I’ve always wanted to try this Maybelline powder, I’ve always heard good things and I was happy it had the same names of shades as fit me. I love this powder! It has buildable coverage, doesn’t look chalky on my skin, it’s long lasting and hydrating. It’s definitely the best drugstore powder I’ve ever used.
Decent for the price
I tend to try a lot of different make up products and this isn’t terrible but isn’t my favorite. It’s definitely not something I use every day or my go to. I probably won’t purchase it again.
This is my go to Powder.
I use this powder frequently and absolutely love it. It is a great product for the price. And I love some Drugstore Brand Makeup. Definitely a must have! I tell all my friends to go buy it everytime they ask what I’m wearing.
Baked Foundation
There's a reason this powder has been a fav for so many years because this powder is intended to be 'undetectable" so if you want to bake and the 'dramatic" matte powder effect
Wasn't impressed, This left fines lines very enhanced and very noticeable. It settles into you lines , and seems very dry to the skin afterward when applying.
Powder foundation lover
Honestly i am not a big fan of powder foundations but this one has really good coverage and it is pretty affordable
I was so excited to finally receive this to only be left a bit disappointed. I found it very difficult to open without breaking the lid. When I managed to finally open it powder spilled out everywhere leaving behind a huge mess. This may have been a nice powder if it wasn't for the inferior packaging wasting more than half of the product.
Great product!
I enjoyed this power, but it isn't for all. I don't like it all over my face like a foundation, it can be a bit heavy, BUT I love it for setting makeup when I need a bit more coverage after foundation and concealer. It sets it while covering a bit more!
I picked a one shade color lighter but still a good powder foundation
Stay’s on
It’s great cover for power foundation For the perfect look I recommend to start with liquid foundation I use this a lot

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