Super Stay® Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup

4.2 5 0 170 170 Get a full-coverage look that lasts up to 16 hours with Super Stay® Powder Foundation.
Super Stay® Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup


Wasn't impressed, This left fines lines very enhanced and very noticeable. It settles into you lines , and seems very dry to the skin afterward when applying.
Powder foundation lover
Honestly i am not a big fan of powder foundations but this one has really good coverage and it is pretty affordable
I was so excited to finally receive this to only be left a bit disappointed. I found it very difficult to open without breaking the lid. When I managed to finally open it powder spilled out everywhere leaving behind a huge mess. This may have been a nice powder if it wasn't for the inferior packaging wasting more than half of the product.
Great product!
I enjoyed this power, but it isn't for all. I don't like it all over my face like a foundation, it can be a bit heavy, BUT I love it for setting makeup when I need a bit more coverage after foundation and concealer. It sets it while covering a bit more!
I picked a one shade color lighter but still a good powder foundation
Stay’s on
It’s great cover for power foundation For the perfect look I recommend to start with liquid foundation I use this a lot
Keeps makeup in place and adds coverage
I like this powder because all you need is a thin layer to get great coverage and keep makeup in place. You don't want to mess around with this powder and put too much on because it gets cakey and patchy real quick. I like it because you only need a little bit and because you are only using a little but at a time it lasts a long time.
Love that
It's so much better than the UK version, this shade is actually light enough for my fair skin! I use this to set my makeup, leaves a nice matte airbrushed type of finish if followed up by a setting spray.
Complete smooth coverage
Great coverage, light weight, and cheap in price, I recommend this product!!
Tried this it was an ok product I highly doubt I’d purchase
Great foundation
I needed to grab a quick drugstore foundation and I like Maybellines products and this one honestly blew me away! Great coverage that lasted I'd say at least half the day.
Great drugstore powder foundation
For the drugstore price, this long lasting powder foundation does a great job! Comparable to some high end products.
Nice powder foundation
I do like this powder foundation because of how good it covers and the formula is really nice. I tried this a while back when I had alot of congestion with mascne,and it showed all of my texture, now, my skin is clear and smooth, it looks amazing on my skin.
Favorite Foundation of all time
I will only use this powder foundation. No other has come close to the quality of this one. For light natural days I use it with my finger as a concealer. When I go out I use the sponge pad for a more full coverage. People always ask me what foundation I use. I have convinced a few people to switch to it. Even when my face gets oily it doesn't move around. It's the best and not expensive!
This powder is awesome if you have oily skin. It keeps my makeup looking matte and lasts all day. Usually I am reapplying powder every hour or so, but with this I am able to go 4+ hours without needing a touch up.

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