4.7 5 0 548 548 The Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit, Unscented, has thousands of fibers that get down into nooks and crannies that are invisible to the naked eye for a deep down clean.
Swiffer Duster Starter Kit
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These are good and I love them because they make dusting seem fun. However, I cannot just easily "swiffer" between things like photos without knocking them over. If I use these regularly, it cuts down on having to resort to a spray and towels. The key is not letting dust build-up - especially during humidity, Once I bought these, I started keeping them stocked up when i can.
I brought them to see if they are better than the off brands they are a bit better but really they seem to just push the Cat hair around does not pick up Cat hair good so if you need them for pet hair I would not waste your money!
Great product
These are great to use when you're in a hurry and don't want to move everything you're dusting around and great for small spaces!
They are okay for hard to reach places, but the dust tends to fall to the ground a little bit
Excellent dusters
I love these for a quick dusting routine! They do the trick! DONT need cleaner to dust your products ! Highly recommend
Great for easy cleaning
These are great for dusting without getting my hands dirty. I have very dry hands so I try to limit washing them often but cleaning/dusting is a must so these come handy. Very easy to use, clean the surface good and then go straight to the trash. No hassle and no mess!
Dusting made easy
I regularly purchase these Swiffer Dusters as they are the best way I've found to keep my house dust-free. These things are like dust magnets and almost absorb the dirt and dust off surfaces. I love the Swiffer brand and highly recommend them!
So affordable and Handy
I love Swiffer dusters they are so handy and affordable. It traps dust and doesn’t give me allergies. I love the convenience of using it and trash it. I would definitely recommend this product.
Love, love these
I absolutely love these. I use them everywhere. Shelves, lamps, tables, chandeliers, ceiling fans. The list goes on and on. They hold a lot of dust and it's so easy to change the duster when it's full. The duster itself is so soft. It's really my go to cleaner around the house.
No more furniture polish
I love using this product. The fact that I do not have to buy furniture polish excites me. This product is cost effective and more convinent.
Always on hand in my house
These dusters are absolutely the best! We always keep them on hand for when someone comes over unexpected because it allows us to do a quick, thorough clean of the house but makes it look like I keep up with the cleaning on a regular basis. The box isn't too bulky so we can keep them easy accesible.
Love it!!
I am absolutely OBSESSED with this duster! First thing is that it's super affordable and easy to find in stores. This duster stretches our long enough for me to dust my ceiling fans and the tops of all my shelves. It actually grips and holds dust. It doesn't just wipe dust away. It grips cat hair as well which is a huge plus. It's easy to remove the duster when it needs to be changed. It's easy to attach the new duster which is great because other dusters like this one are super hard to get them on and off. I definitely recommend this duster. If you have allergies, you should definitely buy one of these. They are super effective and definitely affordable. They are completely worth the purchase.
Excellent Dusting Option
Our household is a big fan of the Swifter Dusters Kit. I like to hand dust at least twice monthly. However, we swifter dust the rest of the month. I use it on furniture, blinds and woodwork.
Love these
These little dusters are so convenient for cleaning around the house. You don’t have to keep using new cleaning cloths because of dust. These pads capture the dust so you can clean a lot of space.
These dusters are easy to use. They grab onto dust very well. I use them weekly to dust around my house. They work great if you use them regularly. I wouldn't recommend using them on super dusty areas unless you'll go through multiple duster replacements. I throw them away once they get really dusty.

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