Swiffer WetJet Wood Mop Solution Refill

4.6 5 0 429 429 Swiffer WetJet Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a pre-mixed cleaning solution made specially for the Swiffer WetJet all-in-one power mop. It's safe* and fast drying formula dissolves dirt and tough, sticky messes to reveal the natural beauty of your floors
Swiffer WetJet Wood Mop Solution Refill


Love this
I love this product for my wood floors. It leaves a nice shine and I feel it conditions them to help prevent water damage from accidental spills. It also smells very nice.
Works great
Swiffer WetJet Hardwood is convenient and easy to use. The microfiber-like pads are soft and gentle on the floors and remove any dirt very well. The solution is drying fast, doesn't leave any streaks, and smells nice.
Works wonderfully
Like the rest of their stuff, this mop was real easy to put together. It comes with a bottle of hardwood cleaner that you attach to the handle and thats pretty much it besides the pads you put on the bottom.I cleaned our floors with it the day I got it and i thought it did a fairly good job. The liquid didnt leave any streaks or marks, no residue. Smells good too. The trigger was easy to use and the spray came down on the floor as expected.
Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Refill
For all those wood floors. This product leaves your wood looking smooth and great. It also doesn't leave any residue on your floor. I think Swiffer is a great brand. I would recommend this product.
For the quickly cleaned floor
I thought the product worked great! It didnt seem to leave a residue on the floor like some wood cleaners do. Smelled good, dried without streaking and dispensed as expected.
Works well
I tried this on my floors. I think it works well. There were no streaks. All you have do is change a pad instead ringing out a mop. That’s a plus for me.
Swiffer wet jet wood
Love swiffer wet jet. The wood floor formula works good on wood floors, easy and convenient if you have wood floors
It’s perfect for cleaning the floors and spills cut the moping time in half I use mine all the time
Wet Jet
My whole house is wood floors except the bedrooms this is great for quick cleanups or cleaning in between a heavy cleaning it gets all of my daily dust and pet hair and it’s quick and easy.
Perfect for Wood
I love how this has a perfect mix of chemicals to clean the floors. All I have to do is put on Swifter and start cleaning. Leaves hardly any moisture behind which is needed for wood floors. The scent is nice. They clean really good and you can see all the dirt it picked up.
Swiffer wet jet
I use this in my home almost everyday. Works so well on hardwood floors leaves them clean and shiny when I’m finished. Also smells good definitely better then regular mopping!!
Wet Jet Wood Cleaner
I have lots of Hardwood floors in my home and I use the Swiffer wet Jet Mop to do a quick run over on my floors. The Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions leave my floors shiney and clean. I like that it doesn't leave my floor looking like it has a residue on it and doesn't leave steaks on my floor. It has a great clean smell to it. I would recommend this to anyone with hardwood floors.
No streaks
I was kind of on defense about this product but until I purchased it and used it, I can say it works great with no streaks.
Hard wood floor
Swiffer WetJet Wood Mop Solution Refill works just fine for the hard wood floor. I wont say that it do the amazing job but it works just fine. It dosnt take out the sticky stuff from the floor. Just collects the dirt and give it a little shine.
Fast way of cleaning wood floors
I had wooden floors in my previous house and used swiffer wet jet for wood floors. On the plus side, it did clean the floors quickly. However, it did not leave much of a shine and it left the floors a bit streaked in areas, though perhaps I needed to change out the pad sooner. It's good, but I found better products to clean my floors, though they do require a bit more time to use.

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