Tangle Teezer: Licorice Black Detangling Brush

4.8 5 0 56 56 Tangle Teezer’s The Ultimate Detangler has 325 two-tiered teeth to effortlessly detangle hair and brush hair treatments through hair, from root to tip.Our patented teeth have two-tiered technology with added flex for wet hair. The long, flexible teeth detangle, removing knots and reducing breakage, while the short teeth smooth, for glossy, frizz-free hair.
Tangle Teezer: Licorice Black Detangling Brush


Okay brush
I really wanted to love this brush but it takes way too long to get the tangles out. I mean, it kind of works but it rips a lot of my hair out. I thought it would work alot better for me. Maybe my hair is just too thick.
Favorite Brush
I love this brush so much!!! It's great to use in the shower while I have my conditioner or hair mask in.
Bristles not long enough for thick hair
I love this brush! I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and it effortlessly brushes through my coarse wavy/curly hair. My only complaint is the bristles don’t quite reach through the hair as well as a normal bristle brush would.
Hair Brush
I absolutely love this brush! I have thick coarse curly hair and this glides right through without any trouble. its sleek and fits in the hand nicely. Its a 10 for me and i highly recommend to others.
Best hair brush
I really like this hair brush. I use it every night on my little girls hair after her bath and no more fighting about it hurting. I use it after a shower with wet hair also and it is really nice.
Great design
Great hairbrush for thick hair. Really gets through the knots without breaking my hair. I like design of this brush better than regular brushes because it doesn’t have the little balls on the tips that my hair normally gets tangled around.
My hair is long and it's usually a struggle to brush it but this brush has made it such a breeze both when it's wet and when it's dry. It's the perfect hairbrush for long thicker hair!
I have very long hair and I usually can't brush it until it dries, but with the detangler brush I am able to brush my hair directly after a shower.
Perfect for my thick but fine hair
I have a lot of hair, but it is super fine. This brush never pulls on my hair causing breakage. I use it in and out of the shower to keep my hair detangled. It is super gentle while also being very effective at detangling. 10/10
Unsure How to Feel About It
I use Tangle Teezer brushes on occasion after hearing how great they work on even the most challenging to manage hair. My hair is super tightly coiled and easily tangles. These brushes do get a lot of tangles out but also rip the hair a bit which causes breakage for me. It may work for some people but err on the side of caution if you have tightly curly/kinky coily hair.
Great brush
This brush is great for curly and straight hair. I have natural curls that need detangling daily and this brush does the trick without pulling or snagging my hair! It’s tough yet gentle
Great for thick, curly hair
I have very 5hick, very coarse, natural curly hair that has been bleached and is soo dry and broken to breakage on the ends... thisnbrush is amazing and getting thru my hair, wet or dry, Without breakage or pulling. It's truly heaven sent
Amazing brush for fine hair
I have been using this brush since a while now and i am completely satisfied with the product and how easily it untangles hair
Great For
Natural Hair It's Great For Detangling Natural Hair In For After Straightening Your Hair I Use This To Put It In A Bun
Great for curls!!
This is magic got tangled curly think hair Make up stayed put the whole night. Very good coverage and does a great job spreading foundation evenly. Full consistent coverage in

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