Tapatio Ramen Shrimp Bowl 3.7oz

4.4 5 0 78 78 Enjoy the hot and spicy flavor of the Tapatio Shrimp Bowl, 3.7 oz. It features noodles in a tasty sauce. The Tapatio ramen bowl is easy to prepare by just adding water and heating in a microwave. You can serve it as a snack or a side dish to spice up a main meal.
Tapatio Ramen Shrimp Bowl 3.7oz


It’s spicy but too shrimpy for me. I love the new big size though!
Nice product
Super convenient for work lunch. Taste is pretty good as well.
Great Flavor
This has become a household favorite. It has great flavor and we weren't expecting it to be as spicy as it wass which we liked.
Surprisingly Good
I really loved it. I was surprised about how tasty it really was. It had great flavor.
Smells odd
I wanted so much to like this. Unfortunately it did not taste like shrimp at all. Infact to me it just tasted like bagged tortilla chips and cheap salsa. It had a really odd smell and not like a fishy shrimp smell which is to be expected when the item is shrimp flavored, it kinda smelled like nachos to me. I guess I expected it to taste like a Mexican soup but it didn't at all...it just wasn't for me, I am sure though that some would enjoy the taste.
One Of The Greats
Very flavorful and balanced taste one of the bests on the market for a great ramen style soup...
I like the noodles and the shrimp kinds I love to read but I wanna problem is I just don’t like the smell of the rules which one because it has like a weird smell for some reason I don’t know why but other than that it’s good
This is one of the best noodle cups we have tried. Tapatilo is our favorite hot sauce and these cups definitely lived up to the expectations! Will continue purchasing:)
Tapatio Ramen Shrimp bowl
Tapatio products are one of the best on the market. Tapatio has a great spicy and robust flavor. It really wakes up your palette. The bowls are very filling too. 1
Love this!!!!
Tapatio noodles are so good.I tried the spicy ones.They have great flavor. Even my kids love them.
Very convenient bowl to make the noodles and my grandkids also love this product because it has the taste of their favorite bottled chili sauce!
It's just like spicy noodles that's all , nothing really special about these
Love it
This is a great in a hurry snack/meal.. love the flavor
Great Taste
The taste is great and just enough spice. Try this if you want to try something not too spicy. Great for a small lunch.
Give this a try!
Love these noodles. Perfect amount,great flavor and easy to prepare. The shrimp are my family's favorite. Great for lunch or a late night snack.

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