Tapatio Ramen Shrimp Flavor Bowl 3.7oz

4.2 5 0 131 131 Enjoy the hot and spicy flavor of the Tapatio Shrimp Bowl, 3.7 oz. It features noodles in a tasty sauce. The Tapatio ramen bowl is easy to prepare by just adding water and heating in a microwave. You can serve it as a snack or a side dish to spice up a main meal.
Tapatio Ramen Shrimp Flavor Bowl 3.7oz


Hooottt omg this was spicy hot
If you like spice/hot then this is for you. I love spicy hot foods but this was a bit much for my taste! I do not suggest using the entire seasoning packet. I might as well have just eaten a raw cayenne pepper w/out milk to follow! I will NEVER. Buy this again and as far as the shrimp, didn’t see any or taste any it was all too overwhelming
it has a very great flavor, I really recommened it.
Great for a snack
Great for a snack, or even as a side to a dish. Didn't fill me up but definitely held me over.
Delicious broth
My favorite part of this ramen is the broth. It’s warm, slightly spicy and delicious. It’s perfect for a cold day. My kids also enjoyed it. The noodles are nothing special, typical ramen noodles. But the broth will keep you coming back for more.
Not good
Avoid at all costs, these are not good at all. The flavor is super bland and not spicy at all. I am very disappointed. I will not be recommending these to any people I know, unless I dislike them.
Yummy and easy to make
This is the perfect quick meal on the go. It is delicious and the spice gives it a Zing! I buy them for my kids to eat after school.
Loads of flavor
If the other ramen noodles are not doing it for you or if you don't have extra seasoning to make them a little better...go for Tapatío's with that nice spicy flavor that might make you sweat a bit but it's all worth it. This soup will warm you up in a good way. Definitely try this if you like flavor.
I had my 11 yr old grandson try this prosuct with me, and he loves it so much, he said the words he honestly doesn’t want to here me speak (because he thinks I’m silly quoting Racheal Ray) “yummo”. Lol. He loves this, for me it’s a little too spicy.
I love this brand
I live this flavor and even like to add more hot sauce
Taste great!!
My husband loves these!! He loves the flavor and how great it tastes,!!
I absolutely love Tapatio shrimp noodles they're absolutely amazing I like them so much because they have Tapatio in them and they're hot textures wonderful I would highly recommend only if you enjoy spicy the absolutely amazing
Really good
I've eaten these on many occasions and never once been disappointed. They have such good flavor and was really spicy
Wish it had more flavor
Good taste not spicy at all, was lacking flavor but perfect for a quick meal.
Love the Soup Like the Sauce
This spicy shrimp instant noodle soup is a great one to have in the pantry. The spicy heat combined with other flavorings make it a treat that only takes a couple minutes to prepare. I like to put a couple cooked shrimp in for an added bonus.
taste is great, spicy
These tasted great it was spicy. It was easy and quick to make. had great seasoning and just the right amount of spice.

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