4.6 5 0 63 63 An oil-free gel-serum moisturizer that gently exfoliates and visibly brightens while hydrating for up to 24 hours.
TARTE knockout brightening gel moisturizer
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Love it
I had recently tried this product , and it is so smooth and Moisturize. Because I have a dry skin so I bought it from Sephora it is so good I recommend you guys to buy it.
Love Tarte products!
I have recently discovered Tarte products. They are great and have really improved my skin. They go on smoothly and don’t leave my skin feeling sticky or filmy. They leave your skin soft and with a good base to apply makeup.
Tarte Products are Great
I recently bought Tarte moisturizing cream.Ive been in search of a moisturizer 2 keep my skin moisturizer thru out the day & not break my skin out. At 47yrs old u'd think acne would be a thing of the past.Well,ive come 2 realize acne is my future.I get more breakouts at 47 than I did at 18-25yrs old & im not sure why. My breakouts r the type of pimples that r under the skin,swell up in2a Big Red,Sore 2 the touch bumps & seem 2 stick around 4 awhile.VERY EMBARRASSING but what can I do. I was told its could b bc of overly dry skin.I was told that when we age our skin tends 2 become drier than when younger. This is why Ive been in search of a moisturizer that also works well underneath my everyday makeup which I use Almay Clear Skin or Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation.Both have Salicylic Acid 0.5% in them. I like Tarte products & this moisturizer was gr8 but 4 me,only at night.It didnt keep skin moisturizer during the day under makeup.Tarte Moisturizer is Gr8 2 wear thru out the night
Very happy!
I purchase this Tart gel from Sephora, because I've heard great things about the brand Tarte, and my face needed some tlc... Well this gel is great! I have combination skin so I was worried it might make my oily areas even more oily...but it didn't and my skin definitely looks better! Will definitely be buying more of this,and trying some of there by other products!!
Love Love Love
I love the tarte brand and honestly have not been disappointed yet with any of their products and this product is not different. I use a lot of moisturizing products because my skin of my face gets so dry. This is definitely a top contender.
Pretty nice
This moisturizing gel is super brightening as the name suggests and it really works wonders for my skin I have a really sensitive oily skin and acne prone skin and to me the product has to work amazingly since my skin is limited to certain ingredients but using this moisturizer has given me all the benefits to the skin and has made my skin brighter and there’s no irritation with this I recommend anyone who has oily and sensitive skin to give it a try because it will change your life
I love this product. It does a great job at moisturizing and makes my skin feel great!
Nice and Light
Feels airy and so light. I reapply through out the day when not wearing makeup.
Great product
My friend gave me this as a gift I used it for 2 weeks and it really does work.
A must have
I was pleasantly surprised how much I love this product. I hate heavy creams but this one felt nice and light. I absorbed into my skin nicely to the point I forgot I had it on. My skin looks great!
I loved how light and airy this felt, as apposed to the more heavier moisturizer
I love this product!! Makes the dark circles go away underneath my eyes! Also gives them a glow in the sun. All of there products are fantastic. It’s not that creamy either it’s the perfect consistency.
tarte-oly awesome!
I love tarte and I am always trying something new from them. Their products are great. I love this moisturizer. Not only does it make my skin soft without being greasy but it's helped brighten up my skin.
Very moisturizing and not heavy. Received sample Size and loved it. Will purchase full size soon!!
This tarte knockout brightening Gel moisturizer very nice makes you refreshed it's good for the dark circle I love this

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