TARTE knockout brightening gel moisturizer

4.7 5 0 186 186 An oil-free gel-serum moisturizer that gently exfoliates and visibly brightens while hydrating for up to 24 hours.
TARTE knockout brightening gel moisturizer


The best!
I absolutely love this moisturizer. I love all Tarte products but this one is one of my favorites. It really does leave your face brighter and more moisturized. Plus all tart products are super good quality so it’s very good for your skin.
Soooooo goooood
I love how light this is and refreshing it is to wear under ur makeup as a moisturizer. It's so light and airy. I really enjoy this
Its nice and smudge my skin and easy to use..love this product
Like the knockout line
I do enjoy tarte's knockout line. This is like a serum moisturizer. It goes on and absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel rejuvenated and moisturized. This is a great product
Loved this!
Absolutely am obsessed with this moisturizer because of its consistency/how it works so well on my skin! Started using this about two weeks ago, and my skin is so hydrated and brightened! Would recommend to anyone on the market for a gel moisturizer!
I am a huge fan of Tarte and this knockout moisturizer continues to keep me a fan. Like the gel like consistency. Goes on easy...absorbs well. My skin feels softer, more hydrated and brighter.
I love tarte!
This gel moisturizer is like a serum. It is not good for people who are prone to dry skin or are sensitive to facial products. This is great for normal to oily skin. It really brightened my complexion which was dull from the winter. It glides on silky and feels so nice. My skin appeared healthier all day after applying. I am happy with the results of this gel moisturizer. Tarte never disappoints.
Feels cool on skin
Tarte happens to be a brand that I love. This product didn’t disappoint. Like many others I felt like it may be a little too much on the drying side as it advertises it much like an exfoliate combined with a moisturizer. Almost seems like that cancels each other out but let me tell you. I have combination skin and the dry is DRY and the oily parts are OILY. Which can be a difficult problem to satisfy both skin needs. Even with hesitation I decided to try the knockout brightening moisturizer and I was super glad that I did. The best part is the gel consistency feels so welcoming and soothing on my dry skin, but easily absorbed by the oily parts. I have not used it long enough to add my experience or review regarding the brightening aspect but I have no doubt that it will do as it describes.
This TARTE knockout brightening gel moisturizer is Awful! Very drying, caused major flaking that looked more like scaling! I have very few wrinkles yet after using this they looked more pronounced! Don’t waste your money on this! Awful!
Great For Oily Skin
This is a fantastic moisturizer for those with oily skin. Very light and comfortable. Doesnt clog my pores or make my foundation slide around. Really brightens well, but you have to use it continuously.
Love it
it feels amazing when applied. Soaks in very quickly. I have dry skin prone to breakouts when I use moisturizers and I haven’t broken out with this. Been using it for a week now and I notice brighter softer skin in the morning. Also, a little bit goes a long way!
Perfect for my skin!
I have dry skin, so i was a bit skeptical if it would work or not. Gel moisturizers usually don’t hydrate my skin enough. This one did! It left my skin soft and moisturized. I can’t ask for anything more. I’d recommend it to anyone.
Tarte doesn't disappoint!
Something about seeing this brand in Sephora just makes me crave it; I had to have it. A bit steeper in price than the competition, but my face enjoyed it! Soothing, hydrating and not to mention the scent was nearly perfect for my taste. I would buy again for sure.
Loved this product so much. Bought it for my bridesmaids
Must try
On application the product is lightweight and feels cooling. A little goes a long way. On my combination skin with fine lines it adds a perfect amount of hydration. I experienced no breakouts or flareups.

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