4.7 5 0 133 133 An oil-free gel-serum moisturizer that gently exfoliates and visibly brightens while hydrating for up to 24 hours.
TARTE knockout brightening gel moisturizer
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TARTE knockout
At first I thought that the tarte knockout moisturizer would hurt my skin but after I used it I started to see a big difference in my skin and it helped my skin look brighter and it helped my skin stay hydrated
One of best moisturisers I have ever tried.
I absolutely love Tarte. I had a chance to test this moisturiser too, it was a gift with other Tarte beauty products. Though I was sceptical from the beginning, as I have a very sensitive type of skin, so I am very careful in choosing facial creams/products, I just loved it from the very first week.
Tarte for the WIN
Moisturizes without leaving a oily residue. Tarte once again is winning the skincare game. Leaves my skin soft, supple and glowing. I mean how many skincare products say they give you glowing skin and leave you disappointed? Not this gem!
Feels smooth
This was very moisturizing and smooth. It made my face feel so good and its very light so your face doesn't feel heavy!!
I liked it ! Feels so good! Very soft and made my face feel good
Tried & Loved
I absolutely love the fact that it’s oil free and the fact that it works so gently on your skin and you do start to notice a difference so I absolutely love that it’s a positive review and I would definitely recommend this product!
My skin had never felt so smooth and pores not nearly as noticeable and so much smoother skin for my make up!
Best Brightening Gel on the market!
I have large pores that tend to get shiny on my nose and sides of my nose. I also get blemishes on my chin. Without wearing makeup I look for quality products that will make my skin glow and feel refreshed!
Great Moisturizer!
I have very sensitive skin, so trying new moisturizers is very risky, however I was amazed when I tried this one by Tarte! It really made my face feel great and hydrated without my skin breaking out!
lembut di kulit
mosturaizer nya bikin kulit lembab dan tidak kering bersisik. aku suka sekali setelah coba produk ini.
This product makes my skin feel amazing. My daughter uses this product as well. I love how it makes my skin silky smooth. Would recommend. Price is a little pricey. But worth it.
Yassss Girl!!
This stuff is amazing I actually got this as a gift from my sister and was kinda skeptical because I like to stick to what I know but I was so surprised by this..... Talk about refreshing and it didn't leave my skin sticky like alot of gels tend to do. I highly recommend this hydrating gel by Tarte if you haven't yet tried it!
Esta crema es una de las mejores que eh probado excelente para mi piel también me ah ayudado con el acné
This moisturizing gel helped me a lot with my skin as I have oily skin and a bit of acne. I recommend it, I love this brand, they have very good products
Fast, noticable results
As usual, Tarte doesn't disappoint. Within a few days of use, I was receiving compliments on how great my skin looked. This is an effective, quality product. Just as you'd expect from Tarte.

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