4.8 5 0 33 33 A vegan AHA and BHA cleanser that helps dissolve dead skin, exfoliate, and refine pores while delivering an invigorating lather for skin that feels soft and smooth.
TARTE Knockout Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
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Dead skin say goodbye
I only want to put good products on my face that actually work. Tarte is a well known brand for makeup so I figured it’s exfoliating product would be good as well. was right.
silky smooth
I Have fallen in love with this exfoliate, its leaves my skin feeling so clean and silky smooth, I use it atleast 3-4 times a week and it has helped my issue with breaking out so I recommend giving it a try, you won't regret it
Tarte is one of my favorite brands. This cleaner did a great job of making my face feel clean.
Great exfoliator
Tarte products are one of my favorites to use and this was no exception. This is made with AHA & BHA so it exfoliates your skin. I didn’t notice a burning sensation while using, it was more of a good tingling but I think it is due to the eucalyptus oil. I have noticed my skin becoming much more soft since using this.
Worth the hype
This cleanser is amazing. Refreshing after. No burning during the cleanse process. My face felt cleared and cleaned and ready for some serums. It should definitely be on your try-it list.
I love
I love this product for treating the face mainly in teenagers who suffer from a lot of acne
This cleanser is really nice because it exfoliates your skin and makes it smoother after each exfoliation the product itself has the name that’s just that it exfoliates really nicely and it really does and that’s why I’ve been a fan of it since I bought it I recommend it to everyone who buys it that it takes around a couple days to see a difference but once you see it you’re gonna fall in love with it
Glowing skin
I have very oily skin with acmes. This product worked amazing! I used with the toner and moisturizer.
Does its job!
I really like this exfoliating cleanser. I use it to remove typical dead skin on my face. It has a nice fresh feel and leaves your skin nice and soft. It’s also great to use before using lotion.
As expected
I already love this brand and the quality of this was as I expected knowing the brand. It made my face feel refreshed and helps my oily complexion stay clear. It’s great for sensitive skin too!
Must have
This tarte cleanser doesn’t dry my skin out , the fragrance wasn’t overwhelming either so that’s a plus. I also have sensitive skin so no breakouts or redness I do use
I love tarte products but this left my face feeling super clean without feeling dry. It’s vegan and cruelty free so that is always a plus as well.
Works well
I started using this product recently. I heard so many reviews about it. Just a dime size amount makes my skin super clean, without drying out. The smell is nice as well. Make sure to use sunscreen after using it.
This is a win in the first round !
This is not a product for sensitive skin because of the peppermint and Eucalyptus oils. For me I love the refreshing feel. It exfoliates very well. Because it contains both AHA and BHA I massaged and left it on for 15 mins to allow time for the acids to melt dead skin away. Great results !
Love this !
I have really sensitive skin a lot of face washes break my skin out but this doesnt at all, it leaves my skim feeling soft and i feel like it really helps with keeping my skin clear of breakouts , its a very hogh quality

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