Tarte Sugar Rush- Shower Sugar Body Scrub

4.8 5 0 81 81 Sweet & simple: get the sweetest shower experience with this sugar-infused scrub that gently buffs and smooths skin. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize the skin, while sugar naturally exfoliates.
Tarte Sugar Rush- Shower Sugar Body Scrub


I liked this product. I just would say not to scrub your body’s to hard or it could burn your skin. But I think it’s a good scrub that exfoliates the skin well.
Sugar Rush body scrub is out of this world!! When I purchased this from Tarte I thought it would be more for kids but I was wrong because it is now my absolute favorite!! Leaves your skin silky smooth and the scent is heavenly!! Would absolutely recommend!!
Sugar scrub
I absolutely love this tarte sugar scrub but unfortunately I won’t be purchasing again due to how small amount you get for the price! If your willing to spend the money than it’s a great product, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth all day and smells amazing!
Must Have
This body scrub from Sugar Rush is by far my favorite! I am loving how it gently exfoliates my skin and has it looking and feeling so soft and ready for a sunless tanner application. It is super gentle scrub and not harsh at all!
good exfoliant
This product smells great, and works well as a gentle physical exfoliant. I use it on my legs in the shower, especially after shaving. It's not too abrasive, and has a really pretty hot pink color.
Scrubba dub dub
I freaking love this product so much it's absolutely amazing and smells wonderful and the beads in it help with my dry skin and the package design totally caught my eye so I had to try it. I most definitely recommend this product to anyone my husband even uses it too.
Tarte body scrub
I actually haver never heard of this product before, but I really liked the concept of this. The fact that it also help with my skin boosts my confidence even more. This is what I like. Tarte
Tarte sugar rush
Easy to use in the shower. Feels refreshing and smells wonderful!
Sugar Scrub
Not only the scent but the fabulous smooth skin result makes this a winner! The exfoliate grains are the most important and the best of all for overall stuffing off all those old dead skin cells & leaves you feeling like a whole new person. Highly recommended.
Tarte Sugar Rush- Shower Sugar Body Scrub. This is wonderful
Sugar scrub
I liked this sugar scrub from Tarte because of its light and sweet scent. The grainy texture of the sugar scrub works great to buff out any dry skin areas, then also works to hydrate your skin. I would recommend
I absolutely love this sugar shower scrub! it smells so good and I love the way that exfoliates my skin! it comes in such a cute little bottle and I would definitely purchase again in the future.
Good product
First off, this stuff smells amazing!!! I can definitely say that it works and leaves your skin feeling fresh and radiant! I have to be careful sometimes woth my sensitive skin but this product gave me no issues and definkrely helped to improve my skin quality.
It effectively cleansing my skin and it smells delicious.
Love this Scrub!!
I love a great scrub & this one is a definite winner!! As I'm using it~ I can feel my healthy skin being released!! My pores are clean & my skin is radiant!!

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