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TattooStudio™ Brow Pomade Eyebrow Makeup
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This was one of the very first brow powders I’ve ever used! It’s super easy to apply and style the brows . Was even able to make them darker and fill them in with no problems !
¡Me encanta! Deja un efecto súper natural y duradero. Cejas de ensueño. Mi producto preferido para las cejas sin lugar a dudas.
Great product for drugstore
Alright, the pigment is very on point but be careful when applying due to darkening your brows. I honestly love the little brush that comes with it to get the sharp angle and making little hairs in the beginning of the brows . I would purchase again
Worth it
I purchased this at my local drugstore, the brush makes it easy to apply and shape your brow and I found the color to dry quickly. I had no issues of it smudging and it gave them a clean look.
Hard to sculpt!
When I first seen this I thought the tipped flat brush would be great and easy to use. I was wrong. I found it hard to maneuver the brush around my brow so it looked decent. I also found it was alot darker than it showed on packaging
This Maybelline tattoo brow is amazing! i love the way it stays in place all day without smudging na dsmearing. It is ruch and beautiful. The brush applicator really applies the product nicely and neat. It dries pretty quick on the skin.
Stays on!
I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and honestly it’s the same as Anastasia brow dip love it
This is very cheap and makes your face look open and clear. It is not as messy as other products and you can control the darkness of your eyebrow. The brush makes it easy to apply.
Nice brows
This product gives you a nice clean and define eyebrows. The tool works perfect to comb and shape a nice eyebrow and the pomade works well to give you a nice well filled natural brow.
Makes eyebrows defined and perfectly shaped. I have very thin eyebrows and this gives the illusion of thicker eye brows.
excellent eyebrow product
I have tried quite a few different types and forms of eyebrow products and of them all this is one of my favorites for sure. It was a little tricky to apply the first few times but once I figured it out it was very easy to use and lasted for a very long time! Through sweat, water, sleep! It didnt run or rub off or anything like that either and looked completely natural. It is now one of my two go-to products I use for my eye brows, Id recommend this to anyone and everyone...you should try it I am sure you would love it too!
Beautiful Brows
The Maybelline Tattoo Brow is a great product. I appreciate the brush on one end and the applicator on the other end, I also appreciate it’s slim and pointed angle because it fits perfectly in my hand and makes for easy and even application. Another thing I love about this product is that once applied it looks natural and when I sweat during this hot summer weather it doesn’t run/smear and make me look like the joker in the Batman movies!!!
This is my favorite brow makeup. Im a noob when it comes to brows but the dual brush and comb make it easy. The color is spot on. Definitely recommend
Not for me
I got this in a subscription box not sure which one. It wasn’t for me. Maybe wrong color. I gave it to my friend she loves it. I think I’m just not the type to wear painted on brows. I have too much brow as it is. I’ll stick to using eye shadow
Perfect color!
I have red hair and I have been searching for a color that looks natural for a long, long time. I think I have found it, #384 Auburn.

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