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TattooStudio™ Brow Pomade Eyebrow Makeup
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Perfectly browed
Ive tried several different products and this one tops them all. It really stays put..no embarrassment this time
Easy to use
I recently purchased this product because I was tired of constantly breaking points on my eyebrow pencils. I thought it was going to be difficult to use and I was a bit intimidated by it. However, to my surprise it wasn't! The spoolie handle is great for combing your brows and the other angled brush end is fantastic for creating quick hairlike lines on your brows. It lasts all day and removes very easily. It doesn't crumble and the texture is soft and easy to apply. I find that you don't need to use so much of it so this will last me a while, which makes it a great value. I would recommend this product.
I loved this eyebrow makeup I use it daily. I have very thin eyebrows which I regret so bad. But with this small fine brush and makeup it's so easy to make them look real which I love.
this is my go to product when i run out of my brow dip that i get from sephora . but this has never let me down and it last all day Even if i go work out .
Not too good
This is for my wife btw😎 she said the problem with the product was the brush it doesn't apply well at all leaving some eye powder darker in some area's more than others. She won't buy that again.
comparable to expensive products
I’d compare this to wunderbrow but I like this product so much more. I found wunderbrow was a little streaky for me and didn’t do well on parts of my eyebrows that were extremely sparse. This filled in the sparse areas perfect. Only draw back for me is the applicator is a bit too bulky for the areas I like to define more and it laid down a bit too much product if I wasn’t careful. Instead I used a small dense angled brow brush to apply small amounts of the product, and brushed through with the spoolie that comes with it and was able to get a clean, defined natural look that didn’t take too long. Once it dries down it DOES NOT budge which is the #1 thing I look for in a brow product. Thank you maybelline for creating an affordable, high quality product!
TattooStudio™ Brow Pomade Eyebrow Makeup
I love the TattooStudi Brow Pomade Eyebrow and how I can make my brow light med or dark ,easy to do .
Love the color
I loved this product, as far as the cream brow product. However I didn't so much like the brush applicator.
Very good formula that stays on well for a lasting brow.
Great product
I love this brow set. It last for a while little goes far. Works great!
Trying something new
I saw this product from watching a youtuber, and I did not work for me. I am not that good at applying make up so this did not work for me. It did however look good on the lady that I saw
Easy to use
This product is easy to use and makes your brows look amazing plus it stays in place throughout the day. I definitely recommend.
Decent Solid Product for the price, I am a fan!
I really liked this product. It was very good quality for the price. I usually buy benefit eyebrow makeup from Sephora but found this a really good competitor for the higher end brow products.
looks like me
I saw a commercial for the Tattoo Brow product and decided to try it. I loved it as it went on easy and didn't make me look overly made up or like a clown. I didn't have to be concerned with it wearing thin, or wearing ff. It stayed where I put until the end of the day when I took it off. I love it and it's a must for my make up bag.
Tattoo studio eyebrow makeup
I like that it is easy to use and does leave my eyelashes looking fuller and sexier and it is easy to carry around but the handle is sometime slippery which it was non slip proof

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