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TattooStudio™ Brow Pomade Eyebrow Makeup
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Maravilloso producto deja las cejas bellas y lo mejor es que dura mas de 1 dia no se corre ni se sale con el sudor lo recomiendo 100%
Fills In Brows Great
I use this daily as when you age you tend to loose your brows thickness especially when your a natural blond. Live how it works with the wand which makes it percise. Fills in great. This is a go to product almost daily. Great job, don't kniw what Id do without it!!
Just so so
Just tried this after I saw a great review. It just wasn’t for me. I didn’t see much difference without adding quite a bit and then it looked ridiculous. Much too heavy for my taste. I prefer a more natural brow look.
What an easy application! I love that you get a double headed brush! No worrying about loosing one or the other. It’s a beautiful shade of drown. Very realistic eyebrows.
Tattoo eyebrows
This works absolutely amazing. I love how you can draw or fill in your eyebrows and looks amazing like you just got your brows done
Excelente producto util para maquillar la ceja el pimento es muy fuerte y te ara sentir confiable
Very Expensive Eyebrow Pencil
I must have read a description for one product and then clicked on this product by mistake. I thought this was more of a "tattoo" and not just an eyebrow pencil like the very first one I ever bought. Only difference is the first pencil I ever bought you had to manually sharpen. This one, you never have to sharpen. For a dollar or less per pencil, I'll sharpen it myself. I don't have to have a name brand product.
This tattoo studio is awesome I love it it's better than the eye brows liner with the brush at one end and the liner at the other. I wouldn't trade it for nothing
I absolutely love it. I’ve been using Anastasia promade for the longest time but maybelline promade works just as well and only a fraction of the price plus it come with a brush. Great everyday product. And it is so easy to apply it!
Perfect Match
This tattoo studio is a really good product and it’s a perfect match to my natural brow. I love that it looks natural and it’s not too dark. For me having sparse brows I need to fill them in and when I do I definitely want a natural look so buying and trying the Maybelline tattoo studio was a great decision and I highly recommend!
Love! Top 3 favorites in pomades.
The color auburn is a perfect chocolate brown that matched my warm red toned, brown hair perfectly. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the wear time. It doesn't transfer and seems pretty waterproof, but on my oily skin it rubbed off a bit too easy at the end of the day with my fingers - makeup remover not used. But of all the pomades I've used, and I've used a lot, this is easily in my top 3 and would recommend a try. My brows are thin and sparse from years of over plucking and this filled them in beautifully.
I love this brow makeup, goes on easy and lasts a long time. I use it all the time
Me gusta porque dura mucho y no se corre exelente producto tiene un terminado muy original
Maquillaje cejas
Yo lo he probado y deja muy buenos resultados. Ceja las cejas perfectamente perfiladas y destacadas como lo mas natural posible
As im getting older,my eyebrows tend to look thinner and less full. This product is easy to apply and makes such a difference. Love how easy it is to apply,and the end result looks great. Really makes my eyes show up. Love it!!

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