Teavana Youthberry White Tea With Notes of Wild Orange Blossom

4.7 5 0 160 160 At Teavana, we combine premium tea, fruit and botanicals, years of expertise and thoughtful practices to craft delicious tea blends with layered flavors for your sipping pleasure. We strive to use the finest premium teas, fruit and botanicals from regions known for their excellence. Youthberry is a citrus white tea blend with bright pops of tropical flavor featuring mango, orange, hibiscus and rose petals. There’s a hint of paradise in every sip of this lush blend. <li>Youthberry: Ignite your senses with this lush blend of white tea, mango, orange, hibiscus and rose petals <li>We strive to use the finest premium teas, fruit and botanicals from regions known for their excellence <li>All Teavana teas are blended by our tea experts, who develop our delicious teas and test every tea, fruit and botanical for quality <li>We are committed to 100% ethically sourced tea by 2020; we support tea-growing communities and responsible farming practices <li>This order includes one pack of 15 Teavana Youthberry sachets</li>
Teavana Youthberry White Tea With Notes of Wild Orange Blossom


Sooooooo good
Not only did it taste great but the smell was like this light citrus tea. It was super soothing as well.
Absolutely DELICIOUS!!
I absolutely love this tea for many reasons! 1) It tastes amazing! Citrusy & tropical. The flavor is natural & not overpowering. So good that I didn’t even need sugar. 2) It’s 100% all-natural & has bits of real apples, candied mango & pineapple and orange peel. From the instructions to the caffeine guide to the ingredients, Teavana takes tea to the next level. They make it easy to create the perfect cup of bliss, so you can just sit back, totally relax & enjoy. I drink both YOUTHBERRY (& PEACH TRANQUILITY) on the regular and couldn’t recommend it more!! Even if you aren’t a tea drinker, I’d still say to give this brand a try.
Soo good
This is so good and smells amazing,Can I brew this in iced water.
Best tea
One of my favourite teas full of flavour And smells delicious. I tried the berry and peach. Highly recommended!!
Tea time!
I’m already addicted to teavana so when they released these at home products I was hooked. With a little bit of hunny this flavor is A1. I’m so excited to try them all very soon!!!
I saw this at the store and had to try it. This tea is awesome, it has a great flavor. Not weak or watery tasting. Very bold. Love it
I love the Teavana tea. When you drink this tea, it wakes your senses up in the morning. The smell is so refreshing and tropical. You just feel like your sitting on a tropical island beach enjoying the sun.
Must try for every tea lover
This tea has a wonderful aroma and tastes great. Perfect hot or cold in my opinion. I like the loose leaves so I cut the bag and put it in my diffuser. Will buy for other tea lovers in my life
Tastes great & it’s so aesthetically pleasing!
Love this, myself & my teens love adding those to our water! It tastes so fresh & it looks so pretty in the cup!
I wanted to love this tea but it was so bitter.
This tea not only tastes great but smells wonderful too. It feels my body with a tad of energy and rejuvenation. Would the flavor be better if they were individually wrapped? I have no idea but I loved it
Tea for me
Such a great premium tea for tea lovers. Easy to prepare and serve either hot or cold. I like adding some honey and I’m good to go. Delicious flavors and always a great brand to try.
Not a very big fan of the flavor but the packaging is pretty good. Would maybe buy it in a different flavor but this one was definitely not for me.
Very flavorful and yummy cold or hot. Great with lemon and honey
I’m not a huge fan of the taste. I like the packaging and the tea bag wrapper. I would like to try this tea in other flavors as well.

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