4.7 5 0 50 50 This clear case Designed for phone 12 case / designed for phone 12 pro case. Support wireless charging. Screen Protection: Raised bezels around the screen help protect against scratches. Shockproof Corners: This clear case has shockproof corners for dropproof protection.
Temdan Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Case/Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Case - Clear
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It's okay for the price
I purchased this case for my husband. He bought an iphone 12 and had not got his case yet. His phone is blue and wanted to see the color threw the case. Everything is good with this case, it fits well and looks nice, but the bottom he doesn't like because there is a lip. When you swip up from the bottom of the screen there's that lip from the case that you hit. Vs an original that does not have the lip. If your pressed for cash and don't care about that stuff this is the way to go.
Great case to protect your phone
This is a great case to protect your phone from damages. The only negative things is that it is clear and can be dirty easily. Expect it to turn grayish soon.
I love it! I can display pictures or my favorite stickers! Can be changing them often love the clear case
Saved my phone
My granddaughter drops my phone all the time!! This case has saved my investment time and time agaim
Awesome product
It worked like magic on my baby skin. I would definitely recommend it.
AWESOME Phone Case
I really enjoyed the phone case.. I loved the color and the protection it gave my phone
Soft but crystal clear
I really like this product compared to ones that are similar. I have had multiple cases in the past and I always disliked the sides where they were a bit too hard on the fingers. This one is crystal clear but also provides a soft cushion on the sides, protecting the unit from drops and also helping me easily press the side buttons.
Good buy
Good quality and happy to see the phone in its original look.
These are great
These have a tight fit and really work. I’ve dropped my phone 2-3 times now with no damage.
Best case ever
This is the best case ever fits my iPhone properly. It is better than all the cases I have gotten great quality I would buy more
Love It
I bought this for my sons iphone 12 n its a life n money saver. He also has the protective screen on it n both of them together has saved the phone from getten broken i definitely reccomend this case he loves it.
I am in love with this product, it fit my iphone 11 very vice and i am not able to see the color of my phone because the case is clear! 10/10 would recommend
So far so good
I like this product. I have dropped my phone numerous times to be honest. Each time my phone dropped in this case it survived. Just to say they were on very rough places marble floor cement the list goes on.
Crystal clear and protective
I just upgraded to an iPhone 12 and got this case - and I love it. My phone is totally protected but you can still see the silver edge and white back of my phone, which I like. It feel good in your hand and isn't slippery so I feel like I have a good grasp on my phone. I'm very happy with this case!
Looks cool
It keeps my phone safe and I like the looks of it.

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