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Guilt free flavorful snack
I was genuinely surprised at how much flavor was contained in this bag because they are not your typical mainstream brand of chips. You can snack without feeling guilty that you’re eating chips which are normally classified as “junk food”.
I absolutely love these chips! I just bought a bag today! I like how they come with different varieties in the bag and they are good for you! Not overwhelming and a great quick snack that is healthy!
Tried theses at a work gathering. Surprised of the flavor. Enjoyed very much.
I can eat the whole bag!
I love Terra Chips! This Mediterranean flavor is so delicious. I usually end up eating 3/4 of the bag and sharing some with my husband because I feel bad. I am a huge fan of the different veggies they use to make the chips, it's something different from the standard white potato . My favorite is the parsnip but I like everything esle, too.
Great alternative
These are a great change up from regular chips. Each type of chip has a different flavor. Great crisp to them. Makes you feel a little better to eat other veggies.
I love the terra chips! This one tasted pretty good, but still like the original one better.
Loveeee but....
I absolutely love these chips! But... come one, the quantity in the bag could be a lot more. It’s normally about half air half chips.
These chips are amazing! Such a wonderful spin on the average chip. They also add some extra nutrition that regular chips do not offer. One of the lighter colored chips is very tough though so be careful when munching.
great alternative!
I love these veggie chips as an alternative to regular chips. Perfect crunch and saltiness for my cravings!
My favorite snack
The blend of different veggies is great in a snack. This bag has a variety of different crunches and textures making it exciting to eat. This is the only bag of mixed root vegetables I have ever found and so love the variety and nutrition on this snack!
Awesome Terra Real Vegetable Chips Mediteranean
OH my goodness. Yes I've tried Terra Real Vegetable Chips Mediteranean and they are delicious. Sweet potatos, parsnips, beat dipped veggies, and garlic and herbs. Once you start, you cannot stop. I do not eat beats, but let me tell you, in the Terra Brand Chips, I devour the beat dipped chips. They are an awesome Products.
As a connoiseur of crunchy things, I simply love these chips! The chips have wonderful flavor, texture, and weight (not too thixk, not too thin). Terra is an amazing company, and stands behind its products.
veg chips
they make the best vetable chips around we have tried many but terra makes them the best we buy all there products because they are healthier for you and tastier
I love these chips! They are dangerous, once I start it’s hard to give them up! I don’t feel as much guilt when I choose these to snack on!
I am often looking for something crunchy - something I can take to work and snack on - without feeling TOO guilty about it. I had a family member recommend these to me and I thought I would give them a try and they are good! it's not something I would want to eat all f the time and they're not great for every occasion but they are a great snack alternative.

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