The Pantum M6550NM

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The Pantum M6550NM


Amazing printer!!
The Pantum M6550NM is a great printer for multiple set-ups. If you need a printer for your office, your home office, or anywhere you have a need for a printer, the Pantum is for you. There is an App that you download that helps with every feature of the printer. It produces high quality copies everytime. I really think the best part of the Pantum M6550NM is that you get all of these high quality features in a printer that takes up barely any room. Its smaller than many printers on the market today. I'm definitely recommending the Pantum printer to everyone I know. I'm recommending it to everyone I don't know. I'm happy and satisfied with the Pantum M6550NM.
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Nice buy works awesome
Very nice printer the only issue as you have to use a different app because the one that comes with it doesn't work so great comes with it doesn't work so great
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Great for school and home office needs
The Pantum M6550NM works great for printing using a mobile device. I like the printer cartridge is an all in one contained insert. I really like that this printer is monocromatic - so less types of cartridges that you need. The wireless connectivity is a necessity for all devices these days and this printerr delivers on this. The easy quick set up allowed me to use the printer the same day I received it. This is not only a printer but a fax and scanner to boot - which are great options to always have. You can load up to 150 pages and then printe them out without having to reload your paper. A perfect addition for you home office set-up. You can also opt to connect though USB or ethernet - connection corrds included with the printer; along with a CD set up. The automatic document feeder is a great feature for your copying, scanning and faxing needs.
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Excellent B&W Laser Printer
I love this black and white laser printer. Easy to setup and connection to WiFi. Just push the WiFi button and your WPS button and it connects. Fast B&W printing and also scans and copies. Clear, crisp looking printouts. So tired of ink cartridges so the toner will be so much more cost efficient in the long run. Does only come with a starter cartridge but says that will print up to 700 pages so it will last a while. Has auto document feeder for when you have more than one page to copy/scan/print and a nice, easy to read LCD screen. Also has an auto sleep mode to save energy.
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Great Results
This Lasar printer is a great addition to my home office. This product looks very stylish and gets the job done. Every sheet comes out looking bold and bright. I love the fact that it's so easy to hook up yo my WiFi and get my tasks done so quickly.
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Fast printing
We this printer absolutely incredible. I love how fast the pages print.
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Great features
There’s a lot to love about the Pantum M6550NM printer. First, I love that it’s wireless, as I like to do a lot of printing from my phone as well as from two different laptops at home. I love that I can print multiple documents at once without paper jams. The smaller printer I had before had paper jams regularly if I tried to print more than a couple pages at once; with the Pantum, I can print many pages with no jams. The quality of the prints is good too. The printer was also very easy to set up. The only downside for me is how heavy the printer is. I don’t imagine I’ll be moving it from the table I have it on now, but if you do need to move it around, just know it’s quite heavy and large. Overall I’m very happy with this printer and it will come in handy while working from home.
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Perfect for home office!
This printer is perfect for all of my home office needs. The setup was easy and it comnects to wifi to receive documents to print from any device in the house. I can scan, copy,and print professional looking documents easily in the comfort of my own home. The instructions for use are simple and clear and the design is modern and attractive.
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Compact and powerful
I received the M6550NM as part of a sampling program and just love it. It is very simple to set up and connect to WIFI. The print quality is sharp and I can print documents and invoices in a snap. Highly recommend for home office since it is compact but very powerful.
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Printer, Scanner, and Copier
The Platinum M6550NM is the perfect unit for a home office! The copy and scan qualities are very good and the print speed is excellent. I love that it has wifi, so I don't have to connect yet another cord to my computer. This printer is ideal for documents, but it does not print in color, so keep that in mind. The toner cartridges are a little expensive but they claim to last for over 1500 pages, so the value is pretty good.
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Great buy
I really like this printer. Not only is it fast but it’s reliable too. I work from home full time and have a full time student at home as well and we use the heck out of this printer
The Pantum M6550NM
This is much better than my old Canon and Hp Printers it has Multi-function 3-in-1 with ADF(printing, copying, scanning) laser printer. Fast and high definition printing in black and white. Sleek and cool design and compact that fits nicely in my home office plus it has easy one-step wireless installation. Connect with Hi-Speed and had WIFI. Google cloud friendly with mobile device printing with IOS and Android systems
I have not tried The Pantum M6550NM it looks like a great printer tryout. I like the size of it. I wonder how long does the ink last? . Does it print color pages? Does it use color ink?
Looks super Awesome!!! Love the size of this M6550NM printer.Heard it Does very excellent Job on printing what you need and takes up alot less Space is a Huge Plus!!!! I sooo Cojld use this.Be sooo helpful with all I do,Great Printer.
I love absolutely everything about this product so far, and would love to try it out before purchasing it in store.

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