TLC Toothbrush Starter Kit

4.7 5 0 71 71 CO. by Colgate’s TLC Toothbrush with Ultra Soft bristles gives teeth a cushiony clean while treating gums to a lovely, revitalized massage. Less waste, more sustainable*: The easy swap-in, swap-out construction lets you reuse the handle and just replace the brush heads.
TLC Toothbrush Starter Kit


Best I’ve Tried
I have never used a toothbrush that made my teeth feel so clean. I love how gentle it is but effective due to the number of bristles. I recently had a dentist appointment after using this brush and they struggled to remove any plaque from my teeth.
the TLC toothbrush kit is great! i love how it came with an extra brush head for when you need to change it out. i like how the toothbrush has some weight to it and can stand in it own. lastly the brussels work really well and i like how it is soft!
Perfectly soft, powerful clean
The soft bristles make my teeth and gums happy. Along with the rows being raised to get a deeper clean, my mouth feels so refreshed. It's super convenient that they're reusable heads, but the downside is the handle. It's a little too thin for my liking. But overall, I'm super happy with this brush and the results.
such a soft, luxurious experience
i love using this toothbrush! it feels like such a luxury because of how sturdy the base is and soft the bristles are. it doesnt feel damaging to my teeth/gums - it feels like a spa!
Toothbrush kit
Hoenstly very impressed on the vibrant packaging. Loved the product very slim and firm and up to date. Would highly recommend
Good brush
It’s nice. Nothing crazy special. Honestly I think I’m just going to stick with what I have already been using
I never thought I could love one toothbrush more than another. But let me tell you this is the best toothbrush I’ve ever used! It’s super durable and the brush head is so soft! Like I don’t even know how to explain it it’s so soft it’s literally perfect it gets in all the crevices and cleans everything better than any toothbrush I’ve ever used I so highly recommend this to absolutely everyone.
Refreshingly clean
I liked this toothbrush a lot, the bristles weren’t too rough or too soft. My teeth felt clean and refreshed after. I overall really like this product!
Reduce reuse recycle
I love that this is more sustainable than a regular toothbrush. The handle is metal and the heads are interchangeable. I love the look and feel of this brush as well.
This toothbrush is so cute. I even love the packaging! It’s very gentle and it is a brand that I really trust. I love that there are replacement heads. I would definitely buy.
Good tooth brush
This toothbrush is feels really nice in my hand, due to the metal handle. Also the soft brussels get my teeth really clean and don't hurt my gums.
Like it
I like the color the resistant material , and the bristles are soft but they clean very well I like that it is interchangeable, and is easy to use , definitely I recommend this product
Good quality and effective
This toothbrush is a heavy duty, good quality product, which gets the job done effectively. The bristles are soft enough to give my gums a nice and soothing massage and also gives my teeth that deep clean feeling. I like that the handle is durable, sturdy, and can be used for a lifetime. I'm impressed with how effective this is for a manual toothbrush and I recommend this to anyone who wants an effective and quality product.
Perfect toothbrush
This is an amazing toothbrush. The bristles are so soft and of much better quality than similar products. This is a very high quality toothbrush. I would highly recommend this toothbrush to everyone. I received this for free from Home Testers Club, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Opinions are entirely my own.
Great alternative
This toothbrush is a great step to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly. It is comfortable to use and felt great on my teeth.

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