4.5 5 0 61 61 These shades flatter all skin tones, and come in a comfortable, high-payoff formula.
Too Faced Pretty Mess Eyeshadow Palette
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Unique, cute packaging
I love Tarte brand and i love Erika Jane. Super Cute packaging, very unique placement of shadows. I think its over priced because there's only 8 shadows. I do like that it has both mattes and shimmers, my fav shade is Sextravagant! Great pigment, easy to apply, i use a brush for the matte shades, then blend, blend, blend & i use my fingertip to apply shimmer shades. You can also apply shimmers with brush, but to get the most 'pop', you should dip brush into shimmer shade, then spray with rose water, water, setting spray... anything to get the bristles slightly wet... then apply to eye lid.
Colors are perf for blue eyes
I was hesitant at first because of the colors and not knowing if they would look right with my blue eyes that change from blue to green to grey. But these colors are amazing. They’re buttery, creamy, very pigmented, & little to NO fall out whatsoever. TooFaced Has always been one of my favorite brands for buying eyeshadows because of their quality in formulas and of course their cute packaging!! And can we talk about the unique shadow names! Highly recommend TooFaced Products!!!
Love it!
The Too Faced Pretty Mess Eyeshadow Palette is excellent. Has all the colors I usually use for my make up. I wear it everyday and is awesome, I would recommend the product to everyone.
Super pretty!
The colors are really pigmented and a little goes a long way. I wish the colors were a little more original and not the same hues as other pallets that have been coming out recently.
Must have
This pallet is awesome! You can use them for daily or party. Color appears very vividly and shines great. Fits perfectly on my eye lids and looked nice and natural! Also easy to take them off :)
Great quality awesome product
Omg i super love this Two face Pretty Mess palette. I love h9w pigmented and bold they are and the glittery ones is super nice too! It's easy to apply and it stays on my eyes all day.
Honest opinion
This palette is one of my favorites is so complete and the shadows are super pigmented, it so practice to use and very well, this palette change completely my life, one word to describe this would be AMAZING
Love it!
I love this eyeshadow palette! Very pigmented, buttery and has shimmer!
Two faced is one of my favorite makeup brands and this pallet doesn’t disappoint! Long lasting color that stays put - love it
Happy customer
Very smooth finish and lasts all day long even in high humidity. I had no problems with creases on my eye lids and looked nice and natural
I lovebirds the colors in here. Blends amazingly and no fallout. I wear this almost everyday because of how wearable the colors are. I always get compliments from wearing this. You have to try it!!
Glam & Pretty
It was blendable, with zero fallout. I wore it for 12 hours with no issues. I would recommend this to anyone who likes something different, because it's definitely not basic!!
Too perfect
I love this brand and this make up palette. The colors are just perfect for me. I love the colors. Yes, it’s a little expensive but is worth it. I will recommend this products to those that knows how to make it work if you are a beginner then no.
I love this pallet. I have had several different kinds and this one goes on so smooth. It's long lasting. It's my favorite. I have almost used every color except for the darker ones.
The onlyreason I'm giving 2 stars instead of one is because a few shades actually DO perform well. The rest have some serious issues with pigmentation..

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