Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa

4.7 5 0 451 451 Thick, chunky and loaded with ripe tomatoes, jalapenos, fiery Habanero peppers and garlic, our TOSTITOS Chunky Habanero Salsa HOT starts off sweet and ends with a slow intense burn that you'll love.
Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa


Spicy and chunky
I really like this salsa. I think it is very chunky in an and the spice level is spot on. I think this has a unique flavor that makes it different than other salsas.
Best salsa
I love Tostitos salsa, it is definitely my go to when it comes to chips and dip. I especially like the habanero one. Don’t get me wrong, it is hot so if you do not like spicy food or your body cannot tolerate it, this isn’t for you. I love how it has the spice and it’s chunky. I am not a fan of watery dip.
So goooood!!
This is a great salsa for those who love hot this is a pretty spicy salsa by no means super hot but I love hot stuff and eat it al lot. Great flavor and excellent Heat no complaints.
I love this salsa!
This salsa is one of my favorites, its absolutely delicious, with a slight sweet and a kick of heat! It's very versatile as well, this salsa has a really good flavor and a nice chunky texture!
This is a change from regular salsa if you want something different. It is definitely has a kick to it which I liked.
Get ready to blow away your tastebuds with this zesty rush of bold flavor. Take your chip for an exciting swim in the river that is filled with tomatoes, onions and peppers. Great as a simple appetizer, sauce on a quesadilla or to enhance a chicken dish. Heat up your culinary productions, try this today.
Perfect for guests
Perfect size for when you have guests over, it is big enough for everybody
YUMMY, spicy and tasty! I love Tostitos Habanero Salsa. It is great as a dip with chips. It is also a welcome addition to tacos, taco salad, 7 layer dip or anywhere you need to add a bit of spice to your dishes!
Perfect for watching movies at home
If you are like me, and you just want to sit by yourself on the weekend, watching movies with a big bag of chips and salsa, then you'll love this wide mouth jar of Tostitos Habanero. The wide mouth lets you dip straight out of the jar (and why not, if you are by yourself, and you plan to finish the whole thing?) and despite the "habanero" rating, it's not hot at all. You could easily eat this without breaking a sweat.
tasty tostito salsa
I like it the texture and taste are good. I find it a little too spicy if I have too much but great for certain days when I do want something to snack on with some spice
LOVE IT ... l been buying it for the last 10 years ..I would not change my salsa lo
Great in the crockpot
I added this salsa to some rump roast in my crockpot (along with some other seasoning) and it made for some delicious pulled beef burrito meat!! I loved that this salsa was extra chunky! What delicious flavor!! I highly recommend
Our salsa
I liked this Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa. It’s very good. The hotness is just right. Very tasty.
Habanero salsa
Tostitos has a lot of different salsas, this is their Habenero hot flavor, it’s full of flavor but it is extremely hot. Phew. I will be getting me a more mild flavor. But definitely recommend Tostitos.
Habinero Salsa
Tostitos Brand is my go to for Salsas and Chips. I usually buy the Chucky salsa but we tried this one. I had a great flavor just like all other salsa they have but this one is particularly very hot. More than I would like but the others. Love it. Great texture and just the right amount of veggies in it. If you love HOT, this is for you

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