Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa

4.7 5 0 172 172 Thick, chunky and loaded with ripe tomatoes, jalapenos, fiery Habanero peppers and garlic, our TOSTITOS Chunky Habanero Salsa HOT starts off sweet and ends with a slow intense burn that you'll love.
Tostitos Chunky Habanero Salsa


There’s nothing better than a little spice to wake up my senses. It’s not only for chips, I use it as a topping for my omelets. All the thing you love about Tostitos Salsa with big kick.
I thought it tastes really fresh and the label is very attractive
Sweet until it’s not!
I love it! Has the great Tostitos salsa taste I love but then comes the heat!!! Definitely my new fav!
Nice spice!
The flavor and just the right amount of spice makes this a perfect match for any tortilla. Great to serve at parties and gatherings!
Great Spicy Salsa
Both my husband and I love this spicy delight! If you like some heat this is what you're looking for! Nice chunky texture to sink your teeth in. It's great mixed with cream cheese too. We literally have this stocked at our house so we dont run out!
This is a must for every teenager's party.
As a busy mom, I do not have much time to prepare for a sleepover, or a weekend "get together", so keeping this handy with chips on the side, helps a lot
It really does spice up a cornchip. It goes great with tacos too.
Great taste
It has an amazing taste and great price I love chips and salsa
All I can say is I have to fight my granddaughter over the salsa. We both love the taste. The chunky is the best. I get the medium because she does not like the hot. This does not need any improvements. Great just as it is.
This is a great salsa. Not as spicy as I thought it would be but still good compared to other salsa brands
This is now my family favorite salsa chunky with a burst of flavor and the spice is just right perfect for game night with the family definitely highly recommended you will love it.
Perfect amount of heat
This was a pretty good salsa. It has the right amount of heat. I like the chunky because it gives you a better flavor. This is good on chips and tacos as well.
Habenaro Salsa
Omg this is spicy good and so addictive. It constantly leaves you wanting more even if your mouth is burning.
It wasn't spicy enough but very tasty 😋 love it. Having had one of there salsa that didn't taste great though. Just wish it was more spicy but then I grew up eating ghost peppers raw
My go to for salsa
One of my favorite salsas to have on Taco Tuesday..

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