Tyson Premium Selects Breaded Chicken Nuggets

4.6 5 0 385 385 Tyson® Premium Selects Breaded Chicken Nuggets start with all natural* select cuts of all white meat chicken that are perfectly seasoned with a crispy and savory breading.
Tyson Premium Selects Breaded Chicken Nuggets


pretty dang good
I am a chicken nugget fanatic and I've got to say that Tyson chicken nuggets are one of the better makers of chicken nuggets. Not my favorite but throw these in the air fryer and have some bbq sauce for dippen and you've got a yummy meal
Tyson makes quality chicken nuggets.
Tyson's chicken nuggets are tasty and have great texture. They are low sodium and not spongy bleached dark meat or mechanical smashed into pieces. Great for after school and late night snacking. I sometimes use them in an oriental chicken salad and wraps.
Other brands are better
I love most products by Tyson, but their chicken nuggets really aren't the best. I get a lot of fatty pieces and the pieces don't look like real chicken to me. I like other brands where you can see the strips on the inside. Not just breaded chicken mush. These get the job done when there's nothing else, but like I said - other brands are just better.
Chicken Nugget Dance!
These are some of the best Chicken Nuggets I've ever tried. Tyson always does some of the best chicken products. We love chicken nuggets as a quick dinner sometimes so we bought the Tyson Chicken Nuggets. They were so good. We threw them in the deep fryer and they crisp'd up so nicely.
Delicious Chicken Nuggets
Quick and easy meal for all to enjoy. Eat them plain, or add a sauce to them. My whole family, including my grandchildren love to eat these.
Quick & Easy
I buy these alot. They taste good and it's a good value. I love dipping these in honey mustard. Great easy dinner.
Great chicken nuggets
When I need a quick snack or lunch, chicken nuggets are my go-to. And Tyson is always a great brand for that. Quick and easy to make and they taste great.
These cooked well but were a little salty for my preference.
Great tasting chicken nuggets
Love chicken nuggets and this Tyson brand is great. Quick preparation and great in a roll or just by itself. I love dipping these in different sauces. Some nights when I don't want to prepare a complete meal, I cook up some of these, cut them up and make a great salad with nugget pieces. These are fresh tasting nuggets.
If your a busy mom with a thousand things to do a day and your children like to have snacks through out the day Tyson chicken tenders are a great choice. They taste great, easy and quick and inexpensive too.
Delicious chicken nuggets!
I love Tyson! They have always delivered top notch quality foods! Their frozen chicken is my go to for quick meals for my family! My daughter absolutely loves Tyson with honey mustard!
Tyson chicken nuggets
I’m the type of mom to cook a home cooked meal, not pull something out of the freezer section for dinner, I have bought enough these before and if you like rubbery chicken nuggets these are the ones for you. They just don’t cook right, even when you follow their directions, their a tad better in an air fryer but not something I would recommend, now go cook a real meal.
Great tasting
These chicken tenders taste so good highly recommend this product. Great portions.
Good For Nuggets
I usually opt for chicken strips at home and chicken nuggets at fast food restaurants. However, I gave these a try once and found them to be pretty good actually. The nuggets are white meat and have a nice texture and taste. However, they are still inferior to chicken strips, thus the 4/5 stars. I would highly recommend for children and for quick snacks.
Every time I go grocery shopping I get a bag of these. It’s such an easy meal to give your little ones especially if you have picky eaters who only want nuggets. 10/10 recommend!

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