Hershey Halloween All Time Greats Candy Assortment 100 Pieces

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Hershey Halloween All Time Greats Candy Assortment 100 Pieces


The big bag itself, should be zip lock. Everything is delicious, but the Reese's Pieces are impossible to open. How much it is?
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Chocolate Fix
The assortment gives me a variety of flavors. I can even share with my husband and grandchildren without having to buy multiple bags. Also has enough (100pieces) to last between shopping trips. Also who doesn't love chocolate!!!
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A happy Hershey Halloween!
It's a great and simple plan for passing out the Hershey's treats for all the little kiddos.
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Most delicious
Yummmm these chocolates were definitely delicious! I enjoyed each different one that were included in the bag but Reese's are my favorite!! I recommend this to anybody!!
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Kids Favorites!
Its kid approved as mine loved every bit of it while I enjoyed seeing their happy little faces devour each piece of chocolate. I will buy for Halloween for sure!
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Best variety!!
Love this assortment of candy which included the best of Hershey candy. I have never seen this variety of candy sold in any store I shop and would definitely buy this.
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Greatest Hersheys Candy for Everyone!
The right amounts of each type of candy are included in this plethora of Hershey's Chocolates. There are Reese's Peanut Butter cups and Reese's Pieces for the peanut butter fan, like me, and Almond Joy for coconut lovers, and awesome , tasty Hersheys Chocolate Bars for everyone!They are fresh and wrapped in individual packages.
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All the best together in one bag!
I love the variety! All the best tasting candies together. Most bags mix undesirable candies with a few good ones so you have to purchase more bags to get what you want.
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The perfect bag of candy bars great for holiday candy or just everyday snacks. It's got the perfect variety in them and the kids love them but what kids doesnt love chocolate and sugar.
Yearly Purchase
Every year I purchase this combination of Hershey's Chocolates for my team members at work. Great selection of Hershey's chocolates that there is a perfect candy for everyone. Cannot go wrong with the great tasting Hershey's!
Great treats
I bought these for the house. I put them in our candy basket. We love the variety. There is something for everyone. I love Hershey's candy. I would recommend and I will buy it again
They taste great
I love all these chocolates. They arnt to sweet and not to bitter. they are the perfect snack anytime anywhere. I definitely recommend this bag of mixed chocolate
Great assortment of all the best!
Love the assortment of all the best chocolates! I bought this for trick-or-treaters and was happy when there were leftovers. They didn’t last long though! I would definitely recommend. Who wouldn’t recommend chocolate
Batty over this Halloween Treat!
What a wonderful treat for the kids. If only they had gotten more for Halloween. As soon as I opened the bag, all the bats flew out.... quick as we filled the bowl, it was empty again!
Absolutely Delicious
I loved and still love every piece of candy in this bag.

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