Hershey Halloween Miniatures Assortment in Skull Candy Bowl 115 Pieces

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Hershey Halloween Miniatures Assortment in Skull Candy Bowl 115 Pieces


Great candy but container is too spooky.
The chocolate is wonderful! It tastes fresh and comes in cute wrappers. However, I do not care for the skull container. As a mother of young children, the skull is a little too dark and spooky to set out. I would definitely consider purchasing if the container were more child friendly. Perhaps a pumpkin or a fall tree?
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can not wait fee Halluween
I thought the little skulls was so cute and the candy was great to eat
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Candy bowl to planter lol
Loved this candy bowl, honestly I bought it because of the skull the candy was a bonus since it was close to Halloween. After the holiday, I spray painted the skull gold and added a plant to it, I get a lot of compliments when guests come over.
Variety with a cute serving dish
This is a great value. you get a 115 pieces of Hershey's miniature candy bars in all of your Hershey' favorites. Plus it comes in a Halloween themed serving bowl, that you can reuse year after year.
Love the container
Everyone knows that the candy is great; a Halloween staple, but the skull makes it even better! I don't have to set out a new bowl, I can just use this one!
Perfect set up!
I love that I was able to purchase this and just open and set out for my Halloween party! The plastic skull was perfect for Halloween and the individually wrapped candy was great for party guests!
No brains
I bought it cause we love the candy in the container, then it was a skull so was excited about that but when got it home was disappointed that the lid/brain/skull part was just a flimsy piece of plastic..
I love the skull!!
I went to Walmart and saw these CUTE skull filled with candy !!! I love halloween and skulls, and I love candy so I had to buy this so I could reuse the skull candy container for next year! The candy was amazing they had cute little wrappers and everything. This is amazing
Loved the skull
As a person who loves skulls, and chocolate, I loved this. I was attracted to the skull and almost floated to the displays of them. My kids and I ate the candy and now the 💀 sits on top of my radio year round. Just like the rest of my skull stuff.
Love the bowl
I honestly bought this just for the bowl! We do actually like all the candy that came with it though so that makes the purchase even better.
Makes a great candy jug
Loved the assortment and allowed for different cravings. Was plenty in the skull to last for a few weeks and for the children to not get hyped up on big bags on candy. Was able to do smaller portions with the seperate packaging and make them last so much longer. Also the skull makes a great jug to keep for future use with other candy bags.
Good purchase.
Very good product. My Children love the design. I purchased these as a thank you gift for a recent benefit and everyone thought they were adorable. There a lot of each kind and they are wrapped individually.
Awesome idea!
Makes shopping for Halloween candy easy and fast! Candy that most people like and great decoration that can be re-used.

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