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Softsoap Antibacterial Fresh Citrus
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Great antibacterial soap
I buy this product quiet often and my family loves it. It is gentle on the skin while still getting rid of the germs.
soft and refreshing smell
I have used softsoap varieties before, but this antibacterial was for the first time. The texture is so smooth that you feel soap is not washed away..doesn't dry skin. I really love the smell which make me use again & again. I will definitely buy this again
Good and affordable soap
I always buy this soap, it’s good quality and affordable. Last not too long so I purchase a few bottles. I love that it’s antibacterial which is so important for me. I’d recommend it to mommies with little babies because it’s good protection from germs!!
Soft and lathery
LOve this softsoap antibacterial soap. Fresh scent and so soft on my hands. Not drying at all.
Wash away your germs
I haven’t found a soap from this brand I haven’t not loved yet! The scent smells so amazing! Also, this is a hand soap where your hands feel clean afterwards and their not sticky like you didn’t wash all the soap off. I highly recommend these soaps. Also, their very inexpensive but high quality soaps for a low price! Can’t beat that!
Its great because of antibacterial properties.
I think it was decent handsoap. My hands felt cleansed but I prefer a different scent.
I would love to try this product. The scent alone draws me in but i also know that ive never gone wrong with the same brand different products.
I look forward to trying this product. I love anything with citrus scent.
I love this brand but I've never tried this scent. I would love to give it a test run.
I love absolutely everything I have read about this antibacterial soap so far,and I would love to try it out before purchasing it in store.
it a great product and I recommend to people. it helps you to keep your hands clean.

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