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Softsoap Antibacterial White Tea and Berry
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Soft soaps
This is a great product. I wash my hands a lot during the day with my job. It's not dry out my hands, make some soft. It smells really good too!!
Smells great
I use softsoap on a very regular basis and this one smells great and as always left my hands feeling clean. I got several compliments from family and friends about the smell
Clean scent
I love the clean scent and how well this soap works.
this soap is amazing always leaves your hands feeling soft an the amazing smells stay with you i love love using these soaps i think it would be an amazing idea to do more tropical an fruity scents
Can't get any better for this price
This hand soap is on the lower price range compared to similar products. The pump works wonderfully to the last bit in the bottle. It doesnt take much product to fully wash my hands. It smells amazing and leaves my hands silky soft.
I love soft soap so much. They're fragrances are great they smell so good and it's just all around great soap. Antibacterial and it makes your skin feel good and soft.
Great smelling soap. I love this fragrance..i like this
Leaves hands feeling so soft
My hands r absolutely softer than my baby's bottom
Great soap
Great hand soap to have in the home. Works well in kitchen and bathroom. Leaves your hands visibly clean. Makes you feel clean. The scent is fresh and nice. I recommend this product!
Smells good
I really like the scent of the soap. Works good this is the only hand soap that I buy
Soft hands
I loved it. It smelled so good I washed my hands when I didn't even need to. It's a great product! I always have soft soap beside every sink. My hands never get dried out because it makes them so soft when I clean. My boys like it too and I can smell and tell if they really washed their hands lol. I have used this brand for years and I will reccomend it to anyone. It's affordable and great quality!
Nice clean scent, with nice packaging. I feel as if this product would do well.
I used couple of flovers in this Softsoap brand and now i Stick with fresh breeze hand soap i like jasmin flover too
Now this soap right here is just beautifully scented! I keep this one in my personal bathroom! It moisturized just right and the smell is perfect! Not perfumey at all! A little goes a pretty good wayy and it matters rely well. I have on3 in my downstairs bathroom and my son and his friends seem to like that one because my son hasn't complained about how strong it is. I love mine and he loves his!
Great product
I love this product! The price is always affordable which is a huge bonus and it smells completely amazing! I keep 2-3 bottles in my house at all times.

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