USB-C® Dual HDMI™ Docking Station

4.5 5 0 20 20 This dual display docking station adds dual HDMI™ monitors, with resolution support up to 4K (3840 x 2160) on one display and up to 2K (2048 x1152) or 1080p on the other display. You can also use your laptop screen for three displays in total, making it easy to access multiple applications at once. This USB™ 3.0 docking station comes equipped with all the connections you need including three USB™ 3.0 ports, a RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, memory card reader/writer, combo audio jack, and a USB-C® port supporting up to 100W Power Delivery. It also includes a security lock slot to protect against theft, making it perfect for use in business organizations. With its slim and heat-dissipating design along with the double-sided cable storage compartment, this USB-C® dock ensures an easy connection regardless of your USB-C® port’s location and can easily fit into any workspace environment.
USB-C® Dual HDMI™ Docking Station


It is a good product if you need something like this.
Docking Station
I like this for the dual hdmi ports, and while my computers are plugged into it I can charge my phone at the same time. Would recommend this...
Awsome product
Love this product likes how easy it was to set up and hook up to my laptop. I like that you could have extra charging stations. Could be lighter and less bulky. Yes I would recommend this product
Excellent product
Love it! Use it all the time with my laptop. Very practical and isn’t heavy to take with you on the go.
Good product
My son used this to double screen his online games. He told me it hooks up super fast and there is no lagging with graphics as with other methods of using more than one screen.
More HDMI outlets
It's a good product if you have to or need extra places for HDMI charges or outlets. I like the product because it was easy to use. No. No improvements needed. Yes, I would recommend this product to someone.
Perfect for my needs!
I have had this for about 4 weeks and I have used it on my hp laptop and my work laptop (Dell). So far it has worked really well. There are no issues with screen flicker and. I do not game but for office/business graphics and video the performance has been very good. I have 2 24” 1080p hdmi monitors so I have not tried the 4k performance/operation. I hard wired the network to lessen the Wi-Fi load at home, that is a plus as well. The best feature for me is that it is long and slim so for my desktop set up it rests under the laptop off to the side of my desk.
What’s this button for?
The product worked better than expected!It was everything they said it was.No problems at all.
Going to buy another
This is great for the office. We are buying 2 more for the other computers.
USB-C Dual HDMI Docking Station Review
I believe that this product USB-C Dual HDMI Docking Station is an awesome product. What I liked best about this product is the ease of usage. Would recommend this product for anybody in the market for a docking station. Outperforms expectations.
My first impressions: This little device is great. I have all ports in use (2 USB2.0s for a keyboard and a wireless mouse, 1 USB 3.0 for phone charging, an in-bound USB-C port for power delivery to my laptop, and 2 HDMI ports for dual extended display on Windows 10). Everything seems to be functioning and passing through correctly with the USB-C connection going from hub to my HP Zbook laptop. This device matches my work provided. I have not yet experienced lag, lack of laptop charging, screen flickering that a few other reviews have mentioned, but I'm still early in my ownership and product use. Also note the product's included ports; there is no audio jack, no ethernet port, etc.
USB Charging Dock
I received this as a free sample from Home Tester Club and I think it's a great product. It's so convenient. I hook it up to my laptop and it gives my laptop several more ports to use. Very nice!
This USB™ 3.0 docking station comes equipped with all the connections you need
This dual display docking station adds dual HDMI™ monitors. You can also use your laptop screen for three displays in total, making it easy to access multiple applications at once. It comes equipped with all the connections you need. Dual displays via HDMI™ outputs • Up to 100W power pass-through to charge your laptop and power the connected peripherals when used with a USB-C® power adapter • Connect and charge your USB™ devices with 3 x USB™ ports • Reliable network connectivity via the Gigabit Ethernet port • Direct access to SD™ & microSD™ memory cards for data storage and transfer • 3.5mm audio jack to connect microphone/headphone • Security lock slot for anti-theft protection • Convenience setup with double-sided cable storage compartment • Heat-eliminating design
Great Docking station
I really like the HDMI docking station I think everyone should own one, what I like most about it is that it holds my computer and I don't have to worry about it dropping on the floor.
Great Product
One USB-C turned into many useful things, this is very convenient not too heavy too. I would recommend this to other people. However, I do wish there is a USB-C port on the dock too.

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