4.3 5 0 147 147 Natural energy from green tea. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
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engery drink
i love this product so much i love that it is healhtier than other products and the taste is so wonderful and it has the right amount of flover its not to strong and it has great vitamins in it for you
Better for you
I found this in the juice isle and thought it'd be better than a normal energy drink. Taste was fine, can size is good, felt maybe a small boost but not comparable to my usual energy drink boost. I would buy again just because it is better for you.
Delicious and good for you
These are a great natural alternative to other energy beverages. The pomegranate blueberry is delicious and it’s great for you!
Not for my tastebuds.
I really didn't enjoy the taste of this. I really love v8 juice but this v8 fusion juice tastes awful to me. The packaging was cute and catches your attention. The taste just wasn't good at all to me.
V8 fusion
V8 V-Fusion seemed to.come at a nice price and a decent sized can. Had some health benifits and its also from a leading brand. Taste seemed good. Might have helped with a little boost but not alot. Would buy again.
Bought this for the first a few days ago wanting to try something different then an energy drink. I enjoyed the taste, the size and the nutritional ingredients. I didn't see any difference when it to energy. I wouldn't recommend if for an everyday drink.
Nope nope nope
Got this free awhile ago and ewww nope thank goodness it was free and I didnt have to pay for it
Zero stars
V8 V-Fusion tastes awful but this is coming from someone who hates V8!
Great flavor
This V8 drink has no artificial flavors in it, and it's the perfect size for a sweet drink, and it gives me just the right amount of energy needed. I love the taste of it!
not so good
I was excited to try the V8 Fusion Energy drinks because I had never heard of them and was curious because V8 makes a lot of different drinks/flavors. I got this as a sample and I tried it and at first, it was okay but then the more I drank and the more I smelled it, I didn't like it. I asked my son, who was 13 at the time and isn't picky, to taste it and he thought it was ok but then, he didn't like it anymore. It was very, very sweet and I didn't feel the energy. To this day, I don't want to smell it. Everyone has their own tastes, this one just wasn't for me.
Nice and different
This is a nice change from those sugar loaded energy drinks. This has a good flavor and is much healthier for you when needing that pick-me-up.
I actually just tried this V8-Fusion 2 days ago.. It is excellent when I'm trying to get the fruits n veggies into my grand daughter..she's so picky..but she always loved her juice!!! Win Win I'd say..another great beverage from #V8
Gives you NATURAL energy and taste really good. I recommend this anyone
Yes give a lot energy everyday. Can't wait get some more great tastes
I am not a fan of energy drinks, I don't really like the taste. My boys told me if you like V8 you will like this too so I tried it. There is no after taste, leaves you feeling energized and tastes great.

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