4.7 5 0 485 485 Made with cocoa butter and a blend of Vaseline Jelly, Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion helps keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.
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Great product
Great moisturizer one of the few that works. Also smelled amazing
Vaseline intensive Care Lotion
Really love this lotion, it’s so moisturizing and keeps my skin feeling soft and it also smells wonderful!And you can’t beat the price!
I love this product because it works for my dry arm and legs. I loved that it lastef all day and I liked that it didn't feel like I was just using water down lotion. I would definitely recommend this product.
Feels and smells great
Love this! I tried it on a whim and it’s great! My skin feels so soft and smooth and it smells terrific. My whole family has had dry skin this winter and we’re all loving it now!
Great product
I love this product for the winter time. That’s when my skin is usually the driest. The scent of cocoa butter is very pleasant. This lotion keeps my skin moisturized and soft through the day. I have purchased multiple bottles and would definitely recommend
Vaseline cocoa butter smells so good and goes on smooth! My skin feels quenched and I smell great.
Very moisturizing
I found this lotion to be a lasting moisturizer. It didn't wear off minutes after you put it on. Love the scent as well.
Love it
I have tried so many lotions and this is my absolute favorite. It doesnt feel sticky and runs in nicely. Stays smooth all day.
absolutely love the soft scent of this lotion. It's not sticky nor does it leave a residue feeling.
Cocoa delicious
Vaseline intensive care Coco radiant lotion leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It has a subtle scent that even my son approves of. It's a great lotion for a very reasonable price!
This lotion lives up to it's coca radiant reputation! It absorbs wonderfully and leaves my skin refreshed without feeling oily ! No improvements necessary, I love this product just as it is!
Cocoa Butter 👄👄👄
I love putting this on RIGHT AFTER my shower. Living in the desert dries my skin out. But this makes me feel like I'm swimming in a pool of hydration.
Vaseline/Cocoa Butter for the win!!
I've been on the hunt for a good lotion for months now, and am currently using this one. The cold, dry months definitely bring out the worst in my skin and it is so hard to find a lotion/all over moisturizer that is hydrating enough to make a real difference; I am happy to report that Vaseline Intensive Care with Cocoa Butter passes the test! It goes on thick and smooth, soaks in quickly so I'm not left with a damp or greasy feel, yet it doesn't "just disappear" like so many lesser lotions, where after they soak in you can't even tell you lotioned at all! I think my hunt may be over, I will continue to buy this product until/unless something else catches my eye. I'm just thrilled to know that something so good and yet so affordable exists!
Cocoa Vaseline intensive care
This product smells great and leaves your skin silky smooth. I would most definitely recommend this product.
Soft scent
I absolutely love the soft scent of this lotion. It's not sticky nor does it leave a residue feeling.

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