Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion

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Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion


Absorbs quickly and no residue
Had some dry skin and my roommate suggested trying this since he uses it for his dry skin, especially in the winter, and swears by it. I bought it and agree, it worked well and absorbs quickly and no sticky residue. Skin felt hydrated and soft.
My favorite man product.
One of my favorite everyday products, baught because of word of mouth about a year now. Best product for men who have dry skin. Leaves it silky smooth within a week. Use it regularly and have baby soft,smooth skin... even on hands.
Help for my husband
I purchased this for my husband. With the constant hand washing and his hands constantly exposed to the outside elements, his hands and fingers are very dry and cracked. Puchased this to help with his dry and cracked skin around his finger nails. He used nightly and it did improve his skin greatly. Will puchase again for him.
Great moisturizer!
Works really well on dry, cracked skin. Also doesn’t have that greasy feeling some lotions have. And from a trusted brand!
Vaeline men healing moisture unscented body and face lotion
I actually haver never heard of this product before, but I really liked the concept of this. The fact that it also help with my skin boosts my confidence even more. This is what I like. Vaseline men healing moisture
Very good product
With all the lotions on the market this is the best one I've found that doesn't feel greasy. It has a thickness to it that makes me rub it in a little extra but the after feel is great. My hands are so bad all year especially the winter. This lotion helps moisturize and heal while not breaking the bank.
For men but great for anyone!
I actually got this for my fiancee but wear it more than he does! I live the feel, scent, the way it makes my skin feel it's just a wonderful addition to the vaseline brand without that greasy vaseline feel!
Amazing for outdoor workers
I got this for my husband. He works outdoors year round. So his skin is weathered.. He normally won't use any lotion products. I convinced his to try this non scented man lotion. He loves it and uses it daily now. You can see and feel a huge improvement in his skin
No scent
I got this for my husband as our house is very dry in the winter and his skin starts to get very dry and crack. This helps to put moisture back into skin with no scent. I would recommend
works well
this lotion is probably the best lotion i've used. i'm very sensitive to the feelng of lotion on my skin and need to rinse it off almost right away. the Vaseline lotion absorbed into my skin very quickly and didn't leave me with a disgusting film on my hands.
Very good
Works very well and doesn't have that strong cologne smell like the scented one.
Perfect Moisture
I ran out of my own one day and used what was available. I really actually loved it. It didn't leave any residue on my skin and didn't have that odd smell most unscented lotions have.
We both like this product!
Bought Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion for my husband but had to try it for myself! It is great for moisturizing during the summer but doesn't have enough OOMPH behind it to keep my skin nourished during the fall and winter. My husband likes is a lot.
Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Unscented Body & Face Lotion
I have tried this lotion and I love it. Its fast absorbing and keeps my sensitive skin moisturised all day long.
My husband use this everyday for dry hands from work keep moistizing

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