Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Concentrated Bath Soak 2oz Packet

4.5 5 0 84 84 Discover the Therapy difference with our latest addition to the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Family: Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak in a 2oz packet. This mighty mini offers a unique blend of soothing ingredients including Arnica, Epsom Salt, and Ribose to calm sore muscles and painful inflammation. Infused with Blueberry Extract to both nourish the skin and provide balance while fighting fatigue, the packet is perfect at home or to take with you for on-the-go relief.
Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain & Fatigue Concentrated Bath Soak 2oz Packet


Village Naturals Therapy Chronic Pain &Fatigue Mineral Bath Soak
I Absolutely loved this bath soak!! I've tried others, but this is by far the best. It smells heavenly, & after about 15 minutes of soaking, I was so relaxed! It felt so good on my achy joints and sore muscles! This is definitely going to be part of my nightly ritual from now on!
Smells great!! Benefits..not so great
This stuff is great for just aromatherapy. Didn't touch my fibro pain one bit.
Very Relaxing!
This is the perfect product for someone like myself who experiences pain frequently! I enjoyed the fragrance that allowed me to take a little vacation in my head as I relaxed!
So Good!
It smells so good, feels so good and leaves you feeling so good! I didn't want to empty the entire package into the water because I knew it would be gone at that point, I wanted to keep just a little so I could continue to smell it until I got more! It's just so relaxing. My skin felt very nice after using this. I do have chronic pain and it did help while in the water which is a win in my book. I'm really looking forward to my next relaxation session with these bath wonders.
Soothing and Relaxing
This product smells and feels good. It was relaxing to my body after a days work. I liked the feel of my skin after and I liked the smell of the products. I would recommend to anyone interested. It was definitely a body changer.
Just what the doctor ordered!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in love with this bath soak. My skin has never felt so soft and refreshed. The smell is amazing, light and airy. Loved every minute of my bath time. I would highly recommend this product.
A great night of sleep
Chronic Pain & Fatigue Family: Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak is amazing. I was happy to have the opportunity to sample this product. I had some of the best rest I had in a while.
Favorite Brand of Epsom Salt!
Completely relaxed! This stuff makes nee feel like I've gotten a massage. It is like the soreness just releases from my body! Tired, sore or achy? USE THIS! It's so soothing!
Epsom Salt
Did not see a difference between this product and 'regular' plain epsom salt.
Not a bad product, smells great. Relaxing for my feet. I would be interested in trying their other products.
Great Salts to help relax you
The product has a very relaxing pleasant smell. I have chronic pain in my legs and after soaking in a tub with this for 20 mins- I felt so relaxed and was able to sleep all night long. I will be buying this product.
Really love the smell
I suffer from chronic pain and have recently found that the only thing that gives me temporary relief is a good soak in the tub. I tried this out and the aroma is wonderful! It helped sooth my achy bones and it also made my skin feel super soft when I got out - so that is a definite plus!
Easy to use
I tried this last night for the first time because I was sore from deep cleaning a house. It dissolved fast and left no gritty feeling in the tub. The scent of lavender wasn't overpowering. After resting in the tub for a little while, I realized that I wasn't aching anymore.
Pleasant aroma
First the aromatherapy aspects of this hit you and it’s quite pleasant . It’s muscle pain relieving abilities were quite remarkable. Much more effective than other salt soaks I have tried . Would absolutely purchase again.
Calming and relaxing!
This product smells incredible and made my whole body feel relaxed and refreshed.

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