5 5 0 108 108 Garlic sriracha seasoning with no artificial flavor and no artificial preservatives.
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I love the product for WEBER. It combines two of my favorite flavors Sriracha and garlic. It you want a kick just add it to any food.
Weber Garlic Sriracha Seasoning is a fantastic spice to add a burst of flavor to any type of meat. I used it in my burgers and chicken on the grill and it tastes amazing!!
Tasty stuff! Most of the Weber seasoning products are fantastic, definitely worth a try. Mix some in your burger meat before throwing them on the grill, or try a sprinkle on your baked potato!
i love this so does my son we use it on a lot of different things, you can put it in lots of noodles,
I have recently tried this product and it adds so much flavor to your meats that all your meat just melts in your mouth. I just love it.
It had a hot good taste just right.The right amount of seasoning,easy to use.
The first time I used the Webers Garlic Siracha Seasonings I was in love. I can't live without it.
I want to try this. Please. I have signed up for a lot of your products and have had success. I have not got any samples from you. I will give reviews.
I love me some garlic but never tried this out be for
the is the best seasoning! it adds so much flavor to chicken! we like it a lot at our home! I like the fact that it is in a shaker bottle so it does not get messy too!
never try this one be for I cook with a lot of weber spices id be willing to test it out and write a review thank you.
I haven't tried anything with sriracha in it, I don't know what it is. I would have to sample before purchasing.
Me gustaria probarlo el ajo le da da un sabor exquisito alas comidas
I would love to try this product. Two of my favorite spices combined into one. Can't wait to try.
This sounds like a great combination, I would like to try this please and thank you.

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