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Windex Touch-Up Cleaner
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Rated good due to having to pump and pump to get product out BUT works great!
This was a WIN with Windex!!!..
I loved this product when I tried it.. It was very convenient for cleaning up my kitchen and the smell was amazing!!... Deffently would buy this product again
Very convenient...
I love these little things! They are very convenient and nice to have at the kitchen sink for easy clean-up. I will say though, other spray cleaners are cheaper, but the design of these is fun in a way that makes them nice to have.
Love these so much so handy
So handy to have in the home for quick touch up. Just wipe and go! A must have in my home! I love the convienance of this product. I think this product was very well thought through.
Great for surface cleaning
Great for a quick clean it was very easy to use and didn’t smell
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I keep one of these in my Kitchen and one in my Bathroom. These are super effective at cleaning and killing bacteria. A must have in my home
i haaaave try this and they are amazing and my family likes them
We use this for the bathroom. So easy to use. Just wipe and be on your way.
I like this product as it is antibacterial. It does leave streaks especially on chrome and steel
I have tried this product and I love it! There is no waist! Cleaning is a snap. I have it in the kitchen and the bathroom. It lasts a long time and is a great value.
Love the dispensing of this product, makes cleaning a snap! Certainly will suggest to others & purchase again. Great value, lasts forever.
Love the ease of using this. The body is smaller so it fits easily under cabinets and shelves. I keep one in my car and one at work. It works just as good as the spray bottle but you can control how much you need.
I've used the multi-surface formula. The procuct works well, but I don't really care for its packaging. I prefer to spray, then wipe. You wet a paper towel and then wipe. It doesn't last long using it this way.
I love this product its easy to use I always use this awesome product

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