Wonka Nerds Big Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy

4.6 5 0 249 249 Delight your senses and taste buds with new Big Sour Chewy Nerds. Now, you can keep a supply of your favorite chewy candies on hand in your kitchen or office. These sweet treats will make you smile big with their satisfying crunchy and chewy texture and sweet fruity flavors.
Wonka Nerds Big Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy


Music to my tongue
One of my favorites. Perfect combination of sweet and sour. You must try these if you havnt already
We all love these!
Everyone loves these - what’s not to love about a sugar rush
Kid’s favorite!
We all love these here! The boys prefer these over chocolate any day. Every time I go to the store I am obligated to bring them a bag!
Sour nerds are the best love sour candy highly recommend this product yummmmy
What's better than Gummy Nerds?
SOUR gummy nerds! These things are AWESOME! No improvement needed- and I've already told my people they gotta try them!
Love love love
Nerds are just a wonderful candy. These aren't too sweet or sour. I don't usually like sour candies, but these tasted great!
A Favorite!
Absolutely love these. Love the sourness which later turns to a chewy candy. Great to have at your desk while working. The bag is resealable which is a plus. Highly recommended!
So yummy!
Got these from a friend and now I’m hooked! They taste so yummy. Hard outside and chewy inside!
I love Nerds in any form. These are a great take on the original.
Gone in no time
I bought these just to try them and before I knew it the bag was empty. While they are not really that sour they are still extremely yummy. These are also a good grab and go pick me up.
Big and Chewy
Well as a nerd lover, I was super excited to try these, unfortunately I was not impressed. I thought they were wayyy too chewy. Now I know it says chewy right on the bag, but what I really love about classic nerds is the tangy crunch and I felt like these didn't taste like nerds at all. They were just chewy and sweet candies. Not a big fan :(
Love nerds
Wow I love nerds candy and this is another great tasting flavor I love so much
So yummy!
I'm a big fan of chewy candy. These are absolutely scrumptious. The sweet and sour flavor are perfectly mixed. Highly recommend!
Nerds Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy
This candy tastes good. Hard shell on the outside - gummy on the inside with a mix of sour. Not overly sour - not overly sweet. Good combination. These are a hit in our family and always keep them on hand. Fun sweet & sour treat to add to your candy collection. Definitely recommend and will re-purchase.
Nerds sour candy
This was real sour to me but I really love sour things and my kids love them too! A win win for sour candy in our family!

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