4.6 5 0 190 190 Delight your senses and taste buds with new Big Sour Chewy Nerds. Now, you can keep a supply of your favorite chewy candies on hand in your kitchen or office. These sweet treats will make you smile big with their satisfying crunchy and chewy texture and sweet fruity flavors.
Wonka Nerds Big Chewy Sour & Crunchy Candy
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Producto Nerds
A Mi hijo le encanta, así que lo probamos por recomendacipn
Exelente Producto
Me encanto el producto. Sabor entre agrio y dulce . Me encanto. Lo recomiendo. Tiene una textura crocante , sabor agri dulce . Para mi es exelente
A whole lot of Goodness
The taste is excellent, especially if you like a little bit of everything. You've got the sour to the sweet that's chewy and all so Good. It will bring life to your face and your taste buds. Try it you'll love it
I love nerds & sour candy, but not this one.
So I typically love sour candies. I love Nerds. I also love chewy candies, but these left me disappointed. I don’t know if it was the flavor or the texture, but I actually didn’t even finish eating them. Everything isn’t for everybody, but I was a little sad that this wasn’t my new favorite candy.
Love these. Good sweet snack! Best of both candies
They had a crunchy fruity outside with a chewy sweet inside I really enjoyed them especially with the sourness to them
Awesome candy
I loved them! Even my little girl liked them and normally she is more of a chocolate girl than a fruit like candy girl.
Chewy Sour Nerds
I loved these sour chewy nerds. They were amazing. I love sour candy and I can honestly say, these were some of the best I have tried yet.
I love sour candy and this one is on my list. I love nerds so this candy is very tasty.
Kids loved the taste
These candies taste amazing and even my son who doesn’t like certain textures loved it!
Sour nerds
I bought these for my daughter and she loved them, so she wanted me to try them knowing full well that I’m not a fan of sour things but they were very good not to sour
So yummy in my tummy!
A friend of mine had gave my son and I some of this candy to try...it’s really so delicious and has the right amount of sourness to it. Couldn’t stop chewing it and my son been begging me to buy him a package the next time we hit a store. I plan to buy a few bags of this candy in the next few days!
Sour Nerds
I've been buying these for a year now. I love the chewy sour flavors. one of my favorites.
Tastes great!!
I love these. These candies are all very flavorful. I love sour candies as well! Out of 10 I give it a good 20! Much love, Jay
My kids absolutely love theses and less messy then the little boxes Definitely will be buying more of them

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