4.3 5 0 76 76 Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Depuffing Under Eye Masks, for sensitive skin, contains 95% natural ingredients. It is free from cruelty, parabens, SLS and silicone, and retails in a pack containing 16 single eye masks.
Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Depuffing Under Eye Masks
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It smells good and felt great, I recommend, I put mine in the fridge for the fresh and cool experience, I didn’t see results right away but I felt that the puffiness of my eyes went away
Yes Cucumber Soothing Eye Mask
I got one of these along with some other Yes face mask in a gift basket. From what I was able to tell from trying this one this one time, I really enjoyed it. I could feel the coolness of the cucumber under my eyes, and it felt really nice. I don't know if I was able to tell a difference from one time, but I would definitely recommend. I am going to get more to try.
Feeling refreshed
This product is great for a self care day. It feels refreshing and soothing.
Great product. I have used this under eye mask several time. Leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and the puffiness gone. No improvements necessary. Highly recommend.
Face mask
My overall opinion is this product is fun to use for a girls night. But is not effective. It is very refreshing. Not the easiest to remove but would recommend after a long day
Easy to Use
I keep them handy in refrigerator so when i need to De stress I just put these over eyes and can relax with a mask on.Give me a spa feel but yes it does not cure dark circles or heavy under eyes.
A slice of cucumber works better
I wasn't impressed with these. I didn't see any improvement so I refrigerated them overnight and used them cool and saw some improvement in my under eye bags and eye strain. I find an actual slice of cucumber works much better.
Okay, but won’t buy again
I t was simply okay. I think I got the same or better results just using real cuke slices.
These did nothing for me except waste my time. I'm not into masks or eye patches at all. I think they are a huge waste for garbage in the world. We need to think about the future and what we leave behind for other generations. This could be ok for environment but they did not do anything for my puffy eyes. I would love to try a product that did work
Good product
During the summertime I always seem to get more puffy your eyes it could’ve been from whether or not enough sleep or just age however I picked us up at the store I put it on that night as I soaked in the tub the cooling effect from the cucumbers really felt good underneath my eyes couple days later after using it the puffiness had went away remember always say yes to the cucumber
ok product
This product did help with undereye puffiness but did not help my under eye circles at all.overall i thought it was an okay product.Probably would not buy again though.
Nice product
This facemask worked great. Yes to cucumber really hydrated and moisturize my face. The yes to tomatoes made my face turn red. TST watermelon hydrated and which dries my face as well and have no problems with I will continue to buy these facemask
No more puffy morning eyes
I love this product! It cools my eyes and is necessary with my coffee every morning . I have been getting so many compliments on my eyes and skin since I have been using these!!
Smells great ! Leaves your face feeling refreshed and smoother ! One of the bad things of it , is that it is really hard to take off , it’s really harsh. But other than that it’s at a great price . Wouldn’t buy again though.
Fresh and cooling
My girls and I love to have spa nights. I bought this and loved how easy it was to use and clean up. The one time use packaging made clean up a breeze. They loved the cool feeling of the mask. It left our faces smooth and clean. I would recommend this mask for your next spa night.

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