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Rose Oil
I love this facial oil for so many reasons! I use it several times a day. I like the dewy look it gives my skin and how fast it absorbs so there isn’t a oily feel. I use it in my hair for a little extra Moisture & shine
Yes To products are great! I use several of their masks and peels. This oil is fabulous for my skin! Use it right from the shower and get rid of rough elbows and knees. Recommended!
This product is absolutley amazing. I am loving the primrose oil!! And yes to products are the best !
I love yes to products because they are made from good ingredients and this primrose oil is no exception. It works great
Mircle grow is so soft to use buy this again and my made hair shine too
I love the YES TO brand. The Yes to Miracle Oil Calm & Soothe PrimRose Oil helps to soothe my sensitive skin especially after I go out in the sun. Is easy to apply just make sure do not overdo it.
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I have tried this product it's amazing it makes my skin very calm and soothe my face i don't feel all dry anymore and it give me some glow too but i tried everything from this brand and it's amazing.
Super cute packaging and Yes To is absolute favorite brand. This amazing an does great job reducing redness. Highly recommend
This product reduces redness and irritation..leaving ur face smooth and moist
This oil is an absolute must have! It moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling so soft and prepped anytime and is also so great before make up application. My make up goes on smoothly and effortlessly.
I have jumped on the oil train when it comes to skincare, and this one is amazing. I love how light it feels and it soaks in beautifully. My skin feels hydrated after using which is nice.
I suffer from redness, with that being said there’s not many products out that that reduce redness. But this products does and has great results. You can hardly notice any redness now. The formula doesn’t dry out my face either but helps hydrate.
Hey at first when I heard about this product I was skeptical at first but when I tried it it made my skin look natural glow soft and really helped my dry skin improved a lot
Wow this reduces redness really well I would consider repurchasing this product and recommend it to others.

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