4.6 5 0 83 83 Para ayudar a satisfacer las necesidades especiales de los perros pequeños, el Alimento Balanceado de BLUE Life Protection para razas pequeñas está hecha con más proteínas y carbohidratos para satisfacer las necesidades energéticas más altas.
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Blue buffalo
I think it is a very good product. My dog loves it everytime we go to my mas she chews down. Highly recommend it.
I bought a small dog for my mom after hers ran away. He was a yorkie, and she put this dog on a pedi stool. She switched his food to absolutely anything he wanted as long as she knew it was good for him and she SWEARS by this dog food.He is so healthy!
Consistently good
I have used Blue Buffalo for more than 10 years for my terriers. They have chronic ear and skin allergies. Blue Buffalo has been consistently the best for keeping them itch free!
My dogs love it!
I recently switched over my dogs from their old dog food. I gradually lessened their old food while adding in this product. They had absolutely no problems and seem to love it.
Good product, but not for finicky eater
I've been researching food options now that two of our dogs are "seniors". After comparing contents of several brands, I was impressed with the quality of Blue's products, and bought a bag of this flavor variation. While one dog loves it (she'll eat anything), the other doesn't, and will even skip a meal. So we'll be trying another option next time.
Great stuff, my dog she has a gluten intolerance and we didn’t know at the time...she was just throwing up her food all the time and slowly stopped eating altogether , so I thought a good change might help so I bought this stuff and she stopped vomiting and started eating again when I took her to the vet she said it was likely the gluten in the old food we were feeding her it was good quality food but not gluten free just had to make a slight adjustment but this was great for her it’s expensive but all this stuff is that is gluten free
Blue Buffalo
I have used this for years with my Pom Kuma. He really enjoys the taste! Love the kibble bits for him
Review of Blue Buffalo Dog Food
We always look at ingredients and avoid unhealthy fats and grains. This one really works well for our Labrador. He eats less and his need to go out has been reduced significantly. We recommend!
Blue Buffalo
My dogs love this product! It’s the only dog food they don’t turn their nose up at.
I have 6 dogs and non seemed to really get into this food. Like people pets have their favorites in dog foods. I don't have improvement suggestions but like anything you have to try it for yourself.
Great Dog food
My dog loves this food. Vet recommends this for my dog. We had problems with her so the vet said try it now this is all that she eats.
Pet dog food
My dog really like the taste of the product. I would buy it again.
My dog loves it!
My blue wheelers eat this because they are super active and they love it. I deffantly noticed a change when I switched them, they seamed to have more energy and after a while I could tell their coat was healthier and had more shine!
great food for dogs
i was trying to find something that I know my dog was going to want to eat and love. Over the corse of a week we must have spent at least $75 on different dry dog foods that we thought her would like. We finally went and purchased this and he loves it. i like the price and he loves the flavor
Happy Dog
My dog loves blue buffalo food! A happy dog is a happy home!

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