4.8 5 0 331 331 Especialmente formulado para eliminar los olores intensos o potentes de su mascota.
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The best
I have 2 puppy’s that are indoor!! This has help me a lot!! Smell really good and it last a lot!
Fresh scent
Febreze AIR Effects Heavy Duty Pet Freshener Spray really help to stop and control pet odor in the air. I really like that it has really fresh natural scent that is safe to use all over the house on all different surfaces
Great smell
We have two inside dogs. About a week after their spa day they begin leaving a smell on their bedding. I can spray the Febreze pet spray and you would think that they just had their baths. The scent lingers in the air for at least a day and when the bedding is disturbed it sends the scent back into the air as if I just sprayed it again. I have used Febreze spray products for years and am always amazed at the efficacy.
Love the smell
Fabreeze heavy duty pet air freshener really smells good and doesn't just mask the pet odor, it puts out a refreshingly smell that lasts. I love it! I also love the design of the can. Sleek
Great smell
This product works really well. It eliminates the odor instead of combining with it like many air fresheners do. Very pleasant scent.
Smells ok
The sent doesn't last long. You can smell it for Maybe 5 minutes after it is sprayed.
Febreze air freshener
I have 3 dogs so keeping the air decent smelling can be tough. This spray doesn't last long enough to impress me. Yes, I know "3 dogs" can be a difficult test, but when I pay extra for a product I expect a better product. This one doesn't cut it.
Must have
This is a must have item in my household. It is one of the only things that keeps my home from any hint of the five cats and one giant dog that live here. I love my animals but hate to have my home smell like them.
I am an air freshener, fabric freshener, addict! I love them in every single way lol. I use them everywhere, on my filters for litter boxes, air conditioners, vents, trash cans...on the couches, curtains, in the car...I love the detergents with Febreze added in...I seriously have an addiction to this. So when I saw the pet freshener I knew I had to get it! It has such a clean fresh smell, I can't quite put my finger on it or compare it to a specific thing, but ugh I just love it. You can spray this and it smells like it was freshly washed and that you have just scrubbed your house top to bottom! I always get comments of it smells so nice or it smells so clean in here (just don't look around haha). It is a constant worry with 2 dogs and a cat inside, so for me this is a lifesaver. It gives me peace of mind and clearly does the job because other people comment on it. If you have pets I would definitely recommend this bc it helps SO MUCH!
Really like this , smells great and masks the smell . Doesn’t over power.
LOve Love it!
Started a new job and found they had this in the bathroom .. It smells amazing and you don't need to spray much .. Little goes a long way :) .. I buy it at my house now!
Elimina el olor
Elimina el olor se las mascotas. (Perros o gatos) faciñ de usar. Conveniente. Deben mejorar ña fragancia
Awesome product
My furniture smelled like the cats and dogs from them laying on it. I bought this product because I have tried many other products and had no luck unilt this one. This product worked wonders. I won't be buying anything else
I bought this at Sam's club and I now buy it every month! It's not strong like others and it really works.
Smells amazing
They smell so wonderful and really to take any nasty smell away. The great smell lasts a long time as well.

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