4 5 0 81 81 Obtén un aspecto de cobertura total que dura hasta 16 horas con la Base en Polvo Super Stay®.
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Super stay powder foundation makeup
It created an even uniform colour to my complexion that cover any blemishes or flaws and added radiance to my skin tone but it sometimes it took a little effort to remove
Try this product it will leave you looking beautiful all day long. It's not heavy or anything
I haven't tried the Product,but I would love to test the Product. Thank you
Hello there I am I am yet to receive this product for me to test it out thank you
i would love too try this......havent done yet........my granddaughter would so love this.........this looks like a good brand.........it looks like it would stay on for a long time..........i hope i get too do this mission..thank you......
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Would love to try Looks like I would really like !!!! Heard all good things
Would be great if it stays all day some makeup are. Great for when you first apply them later you look like who did it an ran it off your face
No i havent got to try it yet :( but ive heard a lot about how well it works and compare to any of the other stay foundations .
Have not yet tried this particular product but I do use the Maybelline line. I love using makeup and would love to try this Full Coverage Powder Foundation! I think that by reading some of the reviews that it will definitely be on my list to purchase soon!
I would like to try it thank you how can test this product an then explain what it did for my skin please
This look amazing, I hope I can try it Love the brand and I know it will be a great product
Me gustaría ser parte de probar sus productos de la belleza y después dar una opinión de sus beneficios y calidad
This would be a product I would like to try. I have bad acne scars from PCOS and prefer light feeling makeup. This would be worth a try to see if I like it.
I have never tried this product but I would love to cause I use full coverage powders and I would like to try it out

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