4 5 0 82 82 Obtén un aspecto de cobertura total que dura hasta 16 horas con la Base en Polvo Super Stay®.
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I have never tried this product but I would love to cause I use full coverage powders and I would like to try it out
I never try it be for but i love makeup , and would like to try it thank you.
This Looks simply Amazing. No haven't tried in fact didn't know this existed. Would Def love to try.
I have not tried this but will do so soon since someone mentioned it covered flaws well and I need that.
I have not tried this but It is on my list for the future
I have been looking for a full coverage powder foundation for quite some time but have had no lick.I would love to try this full coverage foundation to see how it works for me before purchasing it in store.
I would like to try it so I can write a review, how do I do this?

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