4.9 5 0 29 29 Esta combinación de aceite es imperdible. Logrando en el cabello una sensación de suavidad única. Ayuda a reparar el daño, alisa, desenreda, define los rizos y ayuda a combatir el frizz. Nuestro aceite de argán y la esencia de aceite de aloe está hecho de aloe de origen natural cuidadosamente seleccionado. Seleccionados por botánicos auténticos que están avalados por el Real Jardín Botánico de Kew, uno de los principales expertos en plantas del mundo. Descubre lo exótico de la naturaleza, seleccionadas por expertos, mezcladas por nosotros. Belleza fundada en lo natural.
Aceite de Argan + Difusor de Aceite de Aloe Vera para el cabello de Herbal Essences
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Another awesome product that does wonders for my hair and it smells nice.
this stuff works wonders! Omg the scent is so yummy I had to spray it in my hair twice to really test it out (I know overboard LOL) I used it on my damp hair after a shower I towel dried my hair as much as I could and sprayed it all over then after my hair had completely air dried I sprayed it into my hair before I used my straightener and both times it was super fabulous on my hair and I noticed it helped my hair a lot when I used it before my straightener I don’t use a heat protectant like I should I know but when I used this it shaped my hair nicely I didn’t feel like I had that “Dead ends look”.
Perfect for a curly girl like me!
This product is very lightweight, smells amazing, and works wonders on my hair! I follow the curly girl method loosely, and I am happy to have found this product to add to my regimen.
Soft hair
I love that this oil comes in a mist form. It's so much more convenient and easy to use than a bottled argan oil. I lightly spray this after I have styled my hair and it adds softness and shine without being greasy or weighed down. Highly recommend
Soft and shiny hair
I loved this product. It smells so amazing like gourmet and this mist spray distributes the oil evenly. It is non-sticky therefore you can leave it in. I love hemp seed oil products.
Tamed frizz
This did an amazing job on my hair. Left it soft and took away frizz. It also smells great. I recommend this product.
Great for dry hair
I use this once a week. Has done wonders for my hair 👍
Excelente me encanta lo recomiendo es súper bueno y huele muy bien, pruébalo te encantará
Made my hair feel silky and shiny and soft Helped with static and frizz
Worked Well for the Price!!
I was kind of impressed with this Herbal Essence product, considering the price attached. However, it didn't last for very long. Can't complain too much about that because it's not at all expensive. It is effective and helps split ends & detangled your hair. It also has a nice scent. I recommend for someone with thinner or not a thick head of hair like myself.
I use this product weekly and it leaves my hair shining and it smells amazing! The smell is what I liked most about this product. I wish the application tube was easier! I would definitely recommend this.
Love this...
I use this everyday although I am currently out I love it. The smell and the way it makes my hair feels awsome.
Herbal Essences Argan Oil
I truly loved this Argan oil, it made may hair much more manageable and the scent was spectacular! Herbal Essences always, whatever the product, has some of the best ingredients and superb scents! I would purchase this product over and over again, great work Herbal Essences!
Love this!!!!
Argon oil helps your hair And scalp in so many ways you put these two together it’s simply nothing but short of amazing love this product left my hair soft and smooth and smelling great
Argon Oil
Argon oil does wonders for your hair. It tames frizzies & makes the texture of your hair silky smooth. It smells great too!

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